Bowl of sliced mushrooms

WFMW: Quick tip to slice a mushroom

Does anybody remember my quick tip to cut an onion? Here’s the quick refresher version: Well, today I am back with another Ah-ha! moment in the kitchen. Forgive me if all of you have figured this one out already: Quick Tip To Slice a Mushroom! And it goes like this: Step 1: Acquire super cute … Continue reading


One of my favorite things about Spring is the flowers.

Especially when you have enough to cut and put in a mason jar on the dining room table. They make a house a happier place to be. Here are some pictures of our first table bouquet of the year. Can’t believe how early our flowers are blooming this year! We are so blessed that the … Continue reading

180-calorie cake

Care for a slice of 180 calorie chocolate cake?

Considering a normal bake-from-a-box cake is 280 calories, I don’t mind if I do! Three ingredients to make this cake, you say? This just keeps getting better and better! Would you believe that you can take one box mix Dark Fudge Cake Mix, one cup of Fage Greek Yogurt, and one cup of water and make … Continue reading


A Spring-ish Themed Dinner

We had our first Tornado-Warning-Worthy Storm earlier this week, and you know what that means? It’s almost time for spring! Not that we really ever left autumn behind this winter. It has been amazingly mild. Good for stir crazy one year olds, bad for those of us that want to deal with fewer bugs this … Continue reading

Finished Crayon Hearts

This year for Valentine’s Day

I had a few Valentine’s Day projects this year. First I made baskets for Ade’s daycare teachers: The hand sanitizer is because kids can be very gross. The lotion is stress relieving, and I know that if any of the other kids are anything like Ade they have plenty of stress! The little flower and … Continue reading


Series: Please stop complaining about your water!

This is post is for all of the people who have asked me lately if the water in my town will cause them to sprout a third eye (or something similar in ridiculous-ness) and those that complain about the cost of the new Reverse Osmosis treatment. And also, for everyone that just has something ‘against … Continue reading


Fast food is making me fat, let’s do homemade!

Back when I was a stay at home mom, we were on such a tight budget that I would plan every single meal done to the letter (I know some of you do this.) Well, once I went back to work we started to get a little lazy. You’ve had a rough day and are … Continue reading


Ade, you can’t potty with your pants on.

Do you have any idea how many times I have heard/said this statement recently? More than a bajillion. Ever since introducing Ade to her new potty chair, that is about all that she wants to do. Especially when we want to use the bathroom. So true. And often she just sits down on her potty … Continue reading

WFMW: Out with the Old, in with the Homemade

Recently I have been looking for ways to replace my expensive beauty products with ones that I can make at home and save a lot of money. The added bonus of my search is that the recipes I have found (mostly through Pinterest, where else right?) are all natural alternatives. Good for the skin, bank account, … Continue reading

Cupcake Meals

Do any of you remember my post on mini lasagnas? Here is a refresher Yummy right?? Oh yes! Well, I seem to have an affinity for making meals in a cupcake pan because this past Sunday (along with a Crock Pot Breakfast casserole that I will not be sharing because it was a miserable failure) … Continue reading

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