Ade, you can’t potty with your pants on.

Do you have any idea how many times I have heard/said this statement recently? More than a bajillion. Ever since introducing Ade to her new potty chair, that is about all that she wants to do. Especially when we want to use the bathroom.

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So true. And often she just sits down on her potty without taken her pants off because she is so excited. She is big you know. (We are working on it.)

For those of you who might not believe me about how much she loves her potty I have a video for you. Warning: There is an adorable little nakey girl in this video. If that offends you, then don’t watch, but she had just finished with her bath and we weren’t about to put her PJ’s on just to take them off so she could go ‘potty’.

Oh, and the first thing she says is “No, Ima goin’ potty. Bubye” and at one point she signals ‘more’ other than that you are on your own. We don’t understand her  90% of the time either.

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9 thoughts on “Ade, you can’t potty with your pants on.

  1. Christy

    Oh my goodness, that was too cute! You just might have her potty trained before Emily! Emily refuses to go poop on potty/toilet. She has done it twice, but now nothing can get her to do it. She will hold in her poop for 2 days and will wiggle around holding it in… so for now we let her poop in her pull up.

    1. Oh my!! I’m not sure how Ade is going to do when we start to push it a little more. Right now we just let her tell us when she wants to ‘potty’ and take her. Most of the time she has already gone in her diaper or doesn’t really need to go. I wish I had some advice, but I am just getting started. Hopefully, the situation resolves itself soon!

    1. She will repeat ‘potty’ over and over like this everytime she goes. Hilarious if you ask me, but I never get tired of her jabbering either. More and more sentences and words are starting to come out though!

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