I have a degree in biology and chemistry. I work for the city that I live in their NELAC accredited laboratory. (This explains my blog title)

I have one kid, a beautiful girl who I call AJ (Adelyn Juliet) and sometimes Ade-tude when she deserves it, and a husband. His name is Bran.

If you wanted to describe me you would say: wife, mother, slight spaz and science nerd. Or do you prefer geek? Really either is fine by me.

My interests range far and wide, okay not really. I’m obsessed with cloth diapering, making my own laundry detergent (which you don’t have to have a degree for), buying groceries once a month while saving tons of money, dressing my daughter in typical girly-girl dresses (spending afore mention saved money on her), shopping at Walgreens (stick it to the man and get free stuff) and doing random experiments among numerous other things which I will probably talk about here. My newest obsession is Pinterest (totally following the crowd on this one), I know you’re rolling your eyes because it is so obvious considering my recent posts. Come follow me, we’ll go Pinsane together. (Oh yes, I did just make that word up, Sarah Palin style… wait, that might not be a good thing :-{ )

Yes, I am a parentheses enthusiast! (What brought you to that conclusion?) No, enthusiast is the correct word. Geez.

My daughter was diagnosed with an Atrial Septal Defect at 4 months old. I will write about this because it is almost always on my mind. At first we were told that she would not need surgery until she was much older and that a minimally invasive surgery called a Heart Catheterization would be preformed. Now we have been told there is a very high chance she will undergo open heart surgery to repair it sometime within the next year. Check out my Atrial Septal Defect page to stay informed.

Although I plan to have this blog be about me, my life (as crazy mundane as it is) and my family; I’ll probably throw in random science-y articles with my take on them if I think they are important in some way. Just a FYI, so be prepared.

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11 thoughts on “About

  1. Read your comment on Tonya’s blog today and knew it had to be you, so I stopped by to check your blog out your have some really cute posts on here and I did make it through your whole Random things post LOL!!! Did not know you were a PK! 🙂

    By the way it is infact us that have first dibs on Paxton just in case you are wondering LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks Heather! And I know you think you called first, but I explained on facebook why we were first!! LOL The benefits of having a May baby! Hehehe, although, if Tucker doesn’t mind a younger woman he would be quite the catch!

    On a random note, thanks for commenting on this page! I didn’t realize that it needed updated!

  3. I know I figured when I typed that on Tonya’s link that you had probably called him even before he was born, but Tonya and I have joked they will get married since they are only 2 weeks apart and growing up in our class together on Sunday’s LOL!!!!! We are going to have to recruit some cute, nice, good boys for our girls once they get a little older they are mostly girls at church their age right now, but then I guess Lori Z. has two boys to offer up LOL!!!!! I did enjoy your blog today it was fun reading through some of the posts you have great idea’s on here. I am sorry if I commented on something I was not supposed to this just happened to be the first page I came to after reading through posts and I saw the comment spot so I left one here, don’t think I meant you needed to update it, oh my I am so behind on blogging I am going to loose all my followers I have not blogged since May 18th right before we left for Disney gotta start up again!!! I think for Meadow’s 1st Birthday it would be fun to have the girls all dressed up cute (loved the tu tu’s together before and have Whitney our photographer take pictures of the girls and pax at a little tea party dressed in one of those little boy tux’s Tucker had one at that age) I think the pictures would be ADORABLE!!!!!

  4. Oh and tell Brandon as to the only child thing the only problem is if they are an only child they don’t have anyone to rely on when the parents are gone, and all the only children I know are not very adaptable people and often kind of selfish, but you guys are raising a great little family so if an only child is what is right for you then go for it!!!! I saw Ade walking around in church a few weeks ago with your Dad I think and she had that gorgeous white dress on to freakin cute!!!

  5. Haha, you’re right. She does have a better chance. LOL! Not that any of them are going to care what we joked about when they were babies! I did go over to your blog after you commented, I was so happy to see pictures of Ade!! She is getting very popular in the blogsphere. hehe. I hadn’t even noticed this page until you commented, so I was TRUELY happy you brought it to my attention. Now my site is better for it!

    All the girls in tutus would be adorable!!!! I agree, the girls WAY out number the boys in their age group. Outside of church I only have one friend out of probably 10 that had a boy. The rest girls! How odd. Of course, the Woodcocks are having a boy in August, but he might not be here by the time Meadow’s birthday rolls around. I can’t remember when she is due for sure. Maybe she will start a new trend though? And the Taylor’s added a beautiful Miss Sydney to the group June 1.

    Hopefully as they get older more boys will join the ranks! At least we know that there won’t be any shortage of quality church friends for them.

    I’m still working on Bran, I think I will get him convinced eventually. We are talking about genetic testing though because of Ade’s ASD. And that dress was suppose to be an Easter Dress but the little stinker is just so tiny!

  6. My love for parentheses is only rivaled by my love for ellipses…I’m sure you prob noticed that when you visited my blog tho! 🙂 (By the way, thanks for stopping by!) Between that and a shared love for pinterest, I can tell I’ll enjoy reading your blog. I’m subscribing AND I’m going o follow you on pinterest! (don’t worry tho, beyond a few comments I’ll stop there…that following business was starting to sound creepy!)

    1. Thanks so much for coming by!! I’ll try not to flood your Pinterest with a bunch of the same (I have a tendency to be…obsessive enthusiastic when I find something I really like. Just a few days ago I went nuts on ‘sayings’ pins. ::hangs head in shame:: ) I encourage stalking, as long as it is limited to Pinterest and this blog of course!! Besides, I will be returning the favor. (Now who sounds creepy? Geeeeez.)

  7. Hey, I’m hopping over from FTLOB Comment Sunday.

    I was going to comment on your most recent post but the tab for “Atrial Septal Defect” caught my eye. This led me to your “About Me” tab so I could find out how you are affected by it.

    I am interested in your story because in July my husband suffered a mini stroke which we found out was caused by an undiagnosed congenital ASD. Doctors determined a catherization closure would be 50/50 successful because of the shape of his hole. Plus the device could rub his aorta and that scared me to death when I heard that.

    Now we are looking at open heart surgery for him. He is 48 years old and in great health otherwise. He has to have it repaired because his heart is working too hard on his right side and eventually that can lead to heart failure. I hate thinking about him being opened up so right now we are actually looking into the Cleveland Clinic and see if he is a good candidate for the robotic heart surgery to have it repaired. That way he won’t have to be opened up.

    I posted my story on my blog a month or so ago (after it happened and I talk about my feelings and fears. Come take a look and I’m really amazed I found you and your story through a totally unrelated blog hop!

    Here is the post I’m talking about: http://wherehaveallthehobosgone.blogspot.com/2011/07/to-sir-with-love-with-crepes.html

    1. That is kind of amazing, let’s call it fate? Yes, let’s do.

      I’m so sorry your famly is going through this. I cannot imagine finding out you have a ASD as an adult. The doctors have told us that Ade would most likely not live past her mid to late twenties with her ASD because of the fact that the heart would be over worked leading to heart failure and stroke. I’ve heard great things about Cleveland Clinic and I hope that it works out that he can go there. I did ask our daughter’s Cardiologist about robotic surgery and he seems to think that in her case they would not be able to preform that procedure on her.

      I’m heading over to your blog as soon as I hit reply to read your story!

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