This year for Valentine’s Day

I had a few Valentine’s Day projects this year. First I made baskets for Ade’s daycare teachers:

The hand sanitizer is because kids can be very gross. The lotion is stress relieving, and I know that if any of the other kids are anything like Ade they have plenty of stress! The little flower and chocolates are just because! I loved this little baskets, got them for $1 each at Target! Grand total came to $5 per person. Cute and simple, and here you can Pin It.

Next, I made Valentines for Ade’s eight playmates at daycare. I used this as a starting point for them. I couldn’t find the silicone heart molds ANYWHERE in town. Of course I did just look at 4 stores before finding this pan at WalMart:

Then I bought a huge box of crayons and separated out the pink/red/white ones and peeled off the paper wrappings. Broke them into pieces and placed in the pan. Set the oven for 250* and the timer for 15 min.

Fingers crossed that they wouldn’t stick and make a huge mess. They slipped right out and I had enough broken up crayons to make two extra hearts, just in case there is a kiddo that I missed by accident!

I cut out little circles and wrote “Happy Valentine’s Day for ‘Crayon’ Out Loud! Love, Adelyn” on each one and taped the crayon heart to the middle.

I love them! (Hopefully none of the other moms saw this pinterest post and made the exact same thing!) But seriously, you don’t give out candy to two year olds. Total after buying the pan, crayons, and cardstock these came up to $1.70 each. Not to bad! Best part is, that if she had a bigger class with all of the crayons I had I could have made a ton more! I would guess 30-50 depending on how much crayon bit you used for each one. If you make 50 it would be $0.34 each! If you like this idea then you should Pin It.

Last but not least was Bran’s present. I got the idea from Life. Design. And the Pursuit of Craftiness. She was selling these packages for Valentine’s Day presents. Her design is adorable, but I decided that I wanted to try and make it myself. Here is a picture of mine in Word.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, hopefully Bran will be too and not think it is really corny! Like this idea? Feel free to Pin It.

What did you do for Valentine’s Day? Did you make any of your presents?


WFMW: Out with the Old, in with the Homemade

works for me wednesdays

Recently I have been looking for ways to replace my expensive beauty products with ones that I can make at home and save a lot of money. The added bonus of my search is that the recipes I have found (mostly through Pinterest, where else right?) are all natural alternatives. Good for the skin, bank account, and environment; doesn’t get much better than that!!

I took the recipes that I found and after trying them I tweaked them all a little bit to fit my tastes. Here is what I have come up with so far:

(At the end of this post I will link up to the original recipes)

Miracle Mask:

2 tablespoons of honey
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
1 teaspoon of nutmeg
1 teaspoon of brown sugar

The consistency should be like a thick paste. After it’s all mixed, apply the mask to your face and let it sit for 30 minutes. Wash it off with warm water, scrubbing softly in circular motion for exfoliation. I made a large batch of this and put it in a washer baby food jar so that it was ready for whenever I wanted to use it. It adds a lot of moisture to your face, which is great for these winter months. If you warm it up just a little bit it not only feels really nice on your skin but spreads a little easier.

Night Time Emollient Cream:

½ cup coconut oil
2 tsp. Vitamin E oil
A few drops of your favorite essential oil

Melt the coconut oil (coconut oil melts very easily so don’t overheat it) and mix all the ingredients together. At first they may start to separate (like a science class experiment) but if you keep mixing as the oil cools eventually they come together nicely. This is by far the best lotion/cream I have ever used! We put it on Ade too now instead of her Johnson’s baby lotion. She is super soft and I don’t have to worry about her having a reaction to any chemicals or fragrances. It works great on your face too. At first it feels a little greasy, but soon it soaks into your skin and leaves practically no residue! I am hooked!

Homemade deodorant:

3/4 a cup of baking soda
1 – 2 tablespoon of coconut oil (depending on how you like it, powdery or more of a paste)
1 teaspoon Vitamin E oil
a few drops of Tea Tree Oil (a natural antimicrobial, I also use a drop or two of this in my laundry because of this property)

Again carefully melt the coconut oil and mix all of the ingredients together. I pressed it into another washed baby food jar (these things are coming in handy) and just get a little bit out with my fingers to apply it. I really like this recipe, but it isn’t for someone who works a fairly physical job. If you tend to sweat a lot, you probably aren’t going to like it. I love the way it smells though!

Original Miracle Mask recipe.
Original Emollient Cream recipe.
Original Deodorant recipe.

Further Proof that I am a Geek

Like many Americans, we have a set budget for Christmas presents this year. We always have a budget, but since we are a little tighter this year and we are trying to save to completely redo our laundry room, we wanted to make sure that we stuck to our budget no matter what.

So being the geek that I am, I designed an Excel Worksheet using the Designer function and working with Macros. As I was making it I just took our budget and divided by the number of people we getting presents for, but then I thought, what about the presents we have already purchased that we found on sale or cost less than we originally expected?  So I figured out a way to make the money redistribute itself to the others who we had not bought a gift for. This way, if a present happened to cost more than we expected we would know how much squish room we had before we would just need to decide on another present. That way the left over money would be available to be spent if we needed it without having to worry about ‘accidentally’ spending too much.

For you visual people:

So, in case you weren’t 100% sure before, this should confirm it. I am a geek. No sense in hiding it, might as well embrace it! Any other geeky people out there that go a little crazy when making lists? I would love to hear your stories and know that I am not alone!

WFMW: Weirdest Thing That Ever Worked for Me

works for me wednesdays

This title and idea where stolen from shared by a fellow blogging friend recently on her blog, Alta on the Farm. You may have noticed her button hanging out on my sidebar, well that is because she is awesome. (That is the awesome blog spot by the way, in case you didn’t realize.)

Anyways, I was reading this post of hers a few weeks ago and decided I wanted to try out this crazy method. To give you a quick overview (she does a much better job, so make sure to read her post): The Oil Cleansing Method is a way to wash your face that is suppose to be a perfect balance between cleaning impurities from your skin while leaving healthy oils behind to nourish your skin. How is this achieved?

With castor oil and sunflower oil. Rubbed into your skin and then washed away with a wet cloth. PERIOD. As in that is it. Sound weird to you? Because it did to me. But Stephanie insisted that it worked for her.

Personally (don’t hate me) I have never really had a problem with acne. Small amounts, but not huge face covered break-outs. I do have a problem with my face drying out and as a result the products I would use to counteract that would make my face feel greasy and icky. And then I would break out. This means I am always on the look out for a way to keep my skin from drying out without breaking the bank or breaking out. So I decided to give this crazy idea a try.

Turns out that this cleanser keeps my face moisturized without drying out my skin and is by far the cheapest moisturizer/cleanser combo I have ever tried. You know something is dirt cheap when you can find both ingredients at WalMart for under $10 COMBINED and end up with over a liter worth of stuff (No coupons involved). I’m a believer now, and I just wanted to pass on the money-saving awesomeness to all of my followers while giving a shout out to Stephanie as a huge thank you for introducing me to it! This All-Natural Crazy-Sounding Facial Cleanser/Moisturizer Works for Me!!

How Pinteresting Thanksgiving Edition

Because it will be here before you know it!

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Top Ten: How Pinteresting… Part 2

Are you ready for more? If you are any thing like me, than looking at other people’s pins is like therapy 🙂

My next board is the all about Mommy board . Sometimes mommy needs something special too:

Beautiful scarf tutorial:                                      Honey, nutmeg, and cinnamon mask:
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Love this hat:                                              Stunning!
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Fall is my favorite season, which is why I have a pin board dedicated to fall decor:

House numbers:                                                      Can’t wait to have older kids to do this:
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How to make wax leaves:
Pinned Imagewaxed leaves... Make sure your leaves are completely dry. Melt some beeswax in a double-boiler. You can use new wax or old candle stubs (optional - add a few drops of cinnamon oil).  When the wax is thoroughly melted, take the leaves by the stem and immerse them, one at a time, in the wax. Hold them over the pot to drip a bit, then lay them on waxed paper to dry.

My next board is major cart before horse (since we haven’t even started talking about MAYBE thinking about MAYBE having another baby) but how cute:

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Since I can’t have a baby, I’ll settle for dessert. YUM-O:

Caramel Apple Cups to-go:                         Caramel Frap Cupcakes:
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Frozen Peppermint Cheesecake:                                           Triple Chocolate Pound Cake:
Pinned ImageTriple Chocolate Pound Cake

Of course, you know you can’t have dessert until you eat all of your dinner:

Chicken Marsala:                                                            Sweet Potato Skewers:
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Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad:                                   Lime-infused, honey-crusted chicken breast:
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Gotta love Pinterest. Thanks for checking out my Pins and I would love for your to follow me on Follow Me on Pinterest, I’ll follow you back!

Procrastinater finishes a project

Well, almost. I crocheted Ade a jacket for fall. This is the first piece of clothing that I have ever finished. I have started to crochet a number of garments, but I never finish them. Until now!

Except that it still isn’t TOTALLY done. I still need to weave in the loose ends (but that is just a matter of 30 minutes or less and I plan on doing it today on the way to go see Ade’s Mimi!)

Here is what the pieces for the jacket looked like before I sewed it all together:

And now sewn together with the trim!

I love this jacket! I kind of want to make one for me because I used alpaca yarn and it is so soft. The arms are kind of long though, but I am just going to roll them up when the jacket is on her and then tack them in place. Oh, and there is a trim all the way around the neck and down each side by the buttons (I forgot to take a picture after I finished that part). I plan to take a picture of Ade after it is completely done and she gets to wear it! (But I am really bad at remembering my camera!)

What are some projects you recently finished that you are very proud of? Link them up! I love to see other people’s work!


Is it to early to be thinking about Halloween?

I have put a lot of effort into deciding what Ade is going to wear for Halloween…

Okay, how am I kidding, I got an idea from Pinterest and I’m rolling with it!!

Here’s the inspiration:

Crazy cute right??

So far I have the tights (I got them at Gymboree for $1.50 in the clearance bin!!):

And I have an adorable onesie on order  in turqouise that I am really excited about. I also bought some feathers, both peacock and brown really fluffy feathers. I’ll probably head back to Hobby Lobby and get the teal ones and see what I like best from there for the feather bottom! For her hair, if she will cooperate, I want to do this:

I can’t wait for it all to come together!! What are your ideas for Halloween? Are you doing anything special for a costume?

WFMW: Iron on Memories

works for me wednesdays

Today, the Chemically Inclined clan is boarding a plane and heading off on vacation! This isn’t just any vacation though, this is the first time that Ade will get to meet her grandparents in Florida. We are all very excited. In anticipation of this day, I wanted to find outfits for Ade to wear that were special for her Nana and Papa.

Well, you know how hard it is to find anything with the word ‘Nana’ or ‘Papa’ on it in this town? Well, if it’s here than it’s hiding really well.

So, I came up with a Plan B. I would use those neat iron-on decals that I have seen a couple times at Hobby Lobby and call it good. Here are the supplies (forgive me, I didn’t take a picture of our iron. But seriously, I think we all know what one looks like):

Cutie girl blank shirts.

The iron on decal that I bought. Turns out they didn’t have a human version of ‘Spoiled Rotten’.
A few quick snips and it was good to go!

The finished product. I can already tell after one project that this could get addicting!

Baby Shower Fun Update!

Since making my second diaper cake a number of people have asked my how/why I make them the way I do. Couldn’t be because a lot of the same people were at both showers. 🙂 Anyways, there are a few reasons why I chose to make my diaper cakes this way.

   1. They are a ton easier to make!! The cakes were you roll up every, single diaper and put a rubber band around it are so tedious. Each of the cakes above has 100 diapers in it. Can you seriously except me to roll up 100 diapers? Yeah, I don’t think I like anybody that much. Sorry.

2. You can fit tons more diapers in a normal sized cake. Seriously, if you are wanting to save some money then don’t make them this way. Instead put your time, sore fingers, and carpal tunnel syndrome into lovingly producing the rolled up version of these. Personally, I would rather buy one more package and get done in 1/4th the time, but everyone is different.

3. I think they look more ‘professional’ this way. But I have seen a number of rolled up versions that look very good. Maybe it just comes down to how they are decorated? These do seem to come out more uniform though. But that is because of how they are made.

4. Easier on the recipent.I recieved a rolled up diaper cake at one of my baby showers. I LOVED it!! I waited until the night before AJ was to be induced to take it apart because I just didn’t want to take it apart. I sat down, cut the ribbon off and started  unwrapping all the diapers. Since you use rubber bands to roll up the diapers, some of them would tear as you pulled the rubber band off. By the time I was 20 or so in I was contemplating just throwing them all away. It is a pain in the you know what. Instead, when you give this version of a diaper cake all the momma has to do is cut the ribbon on each layer and put the diapers away. Takes 2 seconds tops!

Okay now that I have talked you into my version, I think you should know that I learned how to do this on YouTube. Oh, heck yes. Don’t know how to fix your facet? YouTube. Don’t know how to crochet baby booties? YouTube. Want to learn what not to do to propose? YouTube. Want to learn to make a bomb? Yeah, don’t do that the FBI disapproves.

This is the particular video I watched, I’m sure there are others: