WFMW: Quick tip to cut an onion

works for me wednesdays

Alright, who here likes to cut up onions? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Me neither. So I’ve come up with a quick way to cut onion slivers. Seriously, I have and if you haven’t thought of this yourself you are going to be blown away. In fact this is so incredibly easy I’m just going to use pictures to explain. Are you ready?

(Okay I’ll break the silence just in case you aren’t sure what this is, it’s an apple cutter for making ‘perfect’ apple slices. Really, it only works when you have perfect apples, which is never.)

Awesome right??? Well I think so and I hope that some of you out there can use this tip to make cutting onions a little less of a chore!

Have a great day!



14 thoughts on “WFMW: Quick tip to cut an onion

  1. That does look effective. The strangest suggestion I have heard for cutting up onions without the tears, was to put a slice of bread in your mouth and keep it there while you do the cutting. Weird, hey? I was curious enough to try it once and my eyes never felt irritated but I felt pretty ridiculous.

  2. ok seriously – you have just parted the heavens of knowledge and let the angel choir sing down upon me with this tip!!! AMAZINGGG!!! how have i used an apple slicer for YEARS and never once thought to chop a stupid onion with it?!?!!?!?!?!?
    SEriously awesome – thanks for sharing!
    (and i’m here from commenthour – LAST WEEK version…ugh. sorry!)

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