What an honor!

So, upon my arrival back home (since I have been out-of-town the last two days participating in some continuing education seminars and taking a certification test) I found a wonderful e-mail from Heather at Raising Memories.

Did you click the link? You should if you haven’t yet. Isn’t her blog the CUTEST!!! Right? She has some pretty awesome blog posts too like DIY Applesauce, Fun Learning Tool Ideas, and even a super cool Homemade Advent Calendar!

Okay I’ve gotten off track, let’s blame it on being brain-dead after lectures; seems like a good excuse right? The e-mail from her was to let me know that she had featured one of my posts on her Sharing Time Feature post for December (referencing November). Yay!

Also featured, Homemade Jolly Ranchers! Ummmm, yes please!! Go check it out and I hope you enjoy Raising Memories as much as I do!