Further Proof that I am a Geek

Like many Americans, we have a set budget for Christmas presents this year. We always have a budget, but since we are a little tighter this year and we are trying to save to completely redo our laundry room, we wanted to make sure that we stuck to our budget no matter what.

So being the geek that I am, I designed an Excel Worksheet using the Designer function and working with Macros. As I was making it I just took our budget and divided by the number of people we getting presents for, but then I thought, what about the presents we have already purchased that we found on sale or cost less than we originally expected?  So I figured out a way to make the money redistribute itself to the others who we had not bought a gift for. This way, if a present happened to cost more than we expected we would know how much squish room we had before we would just need to decide on another present. That way the left over money would be available to be spent if we needed it without having to worry about ‘accidentally’ spending too much.

For you visual people:

So, in case you weren’t 100% sure before, this should confirm it. I am a geek. No sense in hiding it, might as well embrace it! Any other geeky people out there that go a little crazy when making lists? I would love to hear your stories and know that I am not alone!


2 thoughts on “Further Proof that I am a Geek

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  2. I know I am also a geek so I am trying to think of an example. I have so many OCD tendencies. One in particular is grocery lists. I have to know where we are going so that I know our usual pattern in the store. I then list our products by the path we will take through the store. I have had trips where I just feel like a mad woman because my list is super scattered!! Or the ones where Dave picks up something and I forget to cross it off and I just get all kinds of messed up! lol

    I really like that you went to all that work for your Christmas shopping list!! Ours is in a Word document in a table. It just says what we got each person, what their limit was and if we met it or we needed to get something more for them. Yours sounds like it is definitely handy!

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