Turn the quiet up, turn the noise down.


I feel like there is too much ‘noise’ going on in my life right now. Too many things to worry about, too many things changing, and too many things staying the same.

You know what this means? This is going to be a whiney post, but at least I’m warning you ahead of time.

Right now we are right in the middle of the third week of having a new employee in the lab. She is great, but for a certified lab that means total chaos. I realize that anytime there is a new employee anywhere there is chaos, but this is my place to complain. Along with the addition of this employee comes an even larger work load. The problem is that now we have three people’s work load… on two people.

Thankfully, like I said, the new girl is great and she is handling mine and my coworkers crankiness phenomenally. I’m positive that is the reason that this transition is going so much smoother than I ever thought it could.

But that isn’t the end of the work trouble. I was given a new title which I’m pretty sure is fake. But yet somehow with this new fake/joke title arose responsibilities. So now I am of course worried that I’m not being taken seriously. (Of course that isn’t entirely new because my age isn’t changing fast enough).

Oh, and the rules are changing on how the lab will function on holidays so I will be screwed out of 1/3 of them. I should be glad to have a job right? And not worry about what holidays I’m going to have to work. I should. I’m trying, seriously trying.

To top it off there have been some recent health issues in my family. I don’t know how much I can say but someone I love dearly was recently diagnosed with cancer and has been receiving treatment. Thankfully the course of treatment has now come to an end and I am praying that it took care of the cancer in its entirety.

Plus a bajillion little things going on ALL.THE.TIME.

Wow, that is a lot of whiney paragraphs. But you know what makes them all disappear at least for a while? This face:

Oh, and the fact that Ade has more than doubled her vocabulary in the last 2 weeks. Also, Halloween is coming up (in case you didn’t know that) and I am enjoying making my baby girl’s costume (the turqouise onsie arrived today).

We are also planning a meet and greet with the lovely lady from Laughter and Lattes and her family sometime soon. Plus family pictures and a charity bowling night on Nov 5th (of course I will post pictures, don’t worry).

In the end, I guess some noise is good, it’s just time to learn how to tune out the bad before I go deaf.


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