Procrastinater finishes a project

Well, almost. I crocheted Ade a jacket for fall. This is the first piece of clothing that I have ever finished. I have started to crochet a number of garments, but I never finish them. Until now!

Except that it still isn’t TOTALLY done. I still need to weave in the loose ends (but that is just a matter of 30 minutes or less and I plan on doing it today on the way to go see Ade’s Mimi!)

Here is what the pieces for the jacket looked like before I sewed it all together:

And now sewn together with the trim!

I love this jacket! I kind of want to make one for me because I used alpaca yarn and it is so soft. The arms are kind of long though, but I am just going to roll them up when the jacket is on her and then tack them in place. Oh, and there is a trim all the way around the neck and down each side by the buttons (I forgot to take a picture after I finished that part). I plan to take a picture of Ade after it is completely done and she gets to wear it! (But I am really bad at remembering my camera!)

What are some projects you recently finished that you are very proud of? Link them up! I love to see other people’s work!



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