4 Truths 1 Lie: Final Reveal

Alright ladies and gentlemen today is the day you have ALL been waiting for (or at least in my mind it is!)

There are only 2 choices left and by telling you the truth I will also reveal the lie! So are we ready??

I feel like I need a drum roll… but I don’t know how to type that out.

TRUTH: My favorite animal is the otter.

More specifically, the river otter. I worked with them at The Zoo and that further solidified my love for them. Seriously, how can you not?


So those of you that picked “My favorite color is purple” are correct!! My favorite color is actually green. I like purple, it’s just not the best in my opinion.

Thanks for playing along everyone! I am returning to some more serious material next week after this silly break! In the line up I have a series on tap water, the sweater I made Ade (and am very proud of!) and the first finished project from my first Top Ten post. (Oh, and a new top ten because in the stressfull-ness of my life I stopped doing those as well!)

Have an awesome evening everyone!


6 thoughts on “4 Truths 1 Lie: Final Reveal

    1. The sweater is set to post on Saturday. Doesn’t the deodorant look awesome? How cool would it be to just make your own!!! Just baffles me, I am planning to try it tomorrow. We’ll see if Ade lets me! And yes, Otters are the best 🙂

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