4 Truths 1 Lie: Day 4

Third truth reveal: I was listed in “Who’s Who Among High School Students” for 3 out of 4 years of highschool.

There isn’t much to explain for this one. It is a program that you were nominated for by a staff/faculty member. As I mentioned in a comment on the very first day of this game it no longer exists. They received a lot of criticism towards the end of the awards life because they would encourage familys of those who received the award to purchase a book with their child’s name listed in it (along with all the other students who had received the awards). The book was rather expensive, however you did not have to purchase the book in order to be recognized.

Anyways, my senior year my family moved from Indiana to Kansas. Because of the move I was no longer eligible to be nominated for the award from my previous school and either my new school did not participate in the program or the staff/faculty was not familiar enough with me to nominate me.

And that is why I received it 3 out of 4 years!

Okay, only two left! Good luck to those still left in the running! If your answer has been taken out please vote again!



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