4 Truths 1 Lie: Day 3

Second truth reveal: I have had lunch with Bob Schieffer.

Story: The college I attended had a very interesting lecture series. They would bring in 3-4 speakers every year and charge admission for people in the community to come. There have been a number of very well-known people come and so over the years the lecture series has become fairly popular.  Some of the most popular were:

Senator Bob Dole
Art Linkletter
Charles Kuralt
Dr. Ronan Tynan
Gracia Burnham
General Richard Myers
Dr. Ben Carson
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Doris Kearns Goodwin
Maya Angelou

After each speaker is done a lunch is served in the speaker’s honor. You can either pay good money to attend this lunch or you can be one of the recipients of the Presidential Scholarship.

I was the latter and had the opportunity to attend the lunch with Mr. Schieffer.

Here he is during his speech.

I got to shake his hand and exchange a few words with him about my future goals and aspirations and then sit down in a room with around 100 people and have a delicious lunch. Not terribly exciting, but kind of fun.

Okay, a number of you picked that one, so now you are going to have to choose again!


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