4 Truths and 1 Lie: Day 2

First truth reveal: I have never broken/fractured a bone.

I have ‘jammed’ my fingers a number of times, but never broken. One time while I was an intern at our local zoo I was attacked by a pronghorn.


Fierce looking right? Well I was trying to give him a vaccination so you can’t really blame him. Anyway, he did some damage (mostly bruising and a left leg muscle contusion) but no broken or fractured bones!

My husband on the other hand has broken the same bone THREE times. He doesn’t even know how many times total he has fractured/broken one of his bones.

Exact opposites? Why yes we are!

Okay, here’s the poll again. For those of you who voted for “I have never broken/fractured a bone” please choose again!


4 thoughts on “4 Truths and 1 Lie: Day 2

    1. That isn’t all he did! The muscle contusion was crazy painful for it not being that big of a deal (at least according to my doctor!) For those of you that have never seen one they are only as tall as my shoulder (including their horns) and so I was able to push him off me a number of times and he was never able to lift me off the ground (thank goodness!)

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