Comfort Food and Decadent Desserts!

You know when you feel like a hundred million things are coming at you at once?


Yeah, that’s been me for the last few weeks. I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to turn to food to help me feel better. Why? Because it is delicious. Well, yesterday I was having a particularly bad day so once I got Ade in bed I fired up the kitchen! All the work I did probably burnt off all the calories I consumed later right?

Ha, no. Because I made 2 loaves of Bestie Banana Bread and a batch of White Russian Cupcakes with Kahlua Buttercream Frosting.


 The banana bread recipe is by far the best recipe for banana bread EVER!! It has become a staple in my house ever since my good friend Tonya over at 4 Little Fergusons introduced it to me. Yum-O! The cupcake recipe is one that I found whilst pinning. (But of course!! Would you really expect anything less?) I didn’t take pictures of my creations, because let’s face it mine sucked compared to theirs (not in taste, they just weren’t very photogenic!) So, in lieu of leaving you with no visuals I am going to use the ones from the original websites where I got the recipes. (I repeat, these picture are not mine, please visit the websites linked above in order to be directed to the owners sites.)

First the Banana Bread from 4littlefergusons:



Delicious looking right?? Delicious tasting, oh yes!!

Now the cupcakes from Baked Perfection:

Alright, I feel better now.

What helps you relax when you are stressed? What are your favorite comfort foods?

19 thoughts on “Comfort Food and Decadent Desserts!

  1. Hi, I’m the owner of Mom Blog Society. I’ve been reading your blog and would love to feature you on our site. I think our members would enjoy visiting your blog. Please contact me on Mom Blog Society so that we can discuss featuring your awesome blog. Also Please Join our Google Friday Blog Hop and get some new followers!

    1. They are delicious!! And really easy to whip up, especially if you are like me and just smack the frosting on them and devour (instead of making them look pretty like Baked Perfection did!) I flip back and forth between salty and sweet (AKA chocolate). But a very stressful occasion calls for something new! And the extra work always helps take my mind off of things!

  2. I am a baker so when I get stressed that is what I do my go to stress snack is trail mix…and when I really need it Doritos but that is when I am feeling really bad. New follower from the Friday blog hop. Hope you can come by and visit my site

  3. Man oh man! I have been sitting here all night craving something sweet, begging the boyfriend to run up town and grab me something……those cupcakes and that bread..yup totally not helping:):) SOOO DELICIOUS LOOKING!!!

    Hope your feeling less stressed and could enjoy your weekend a little:)

    1. Oh, sorry! They are delicious, at least the banana bread could be considered healthy? Right? Does that help?

      My weekend went much better than my week! Of course it was missing the stresser of my week, so that helped! Thanks so much!

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