Unplanned Pregnancy

I hate that phrase.


On the surface it is just a phrase used to describe an event, ie a pregnancy that was not planned.


“How anyone can be so irresponsible as to have an unplanned pregnancy
in this day and age is just beyond me.”


Now, it’s a slap in the face.


“I’m so glad we will be able to tell our child that we planned and tried for them.”


My cheek is burning.


They weren’t an accident. They were wanted and loved from the very beginning.”


Oh yes, because only you are capable of such feelings.


But you know what? My daughter wasn’t unplanned and she wasn’t an accident.


Every detail about her was carefully thought out, meticulously planned, and lovingly produced.

She may have been a surprise to Bran and I, but she wasn’t to God.

The God that knew what an amazing present he was giving us.
The God that knew she would be a perfect fit into our imperfect lives.
The God that knew we needed her even though we had no idea.
The God that saw a missing piece to our lives that we could never have filled so fully with all of the planning and trying our human minds and bodies could muster.

Sometimes God works alongside your plans, but more often than not he just does his own thing. Because, you see, he is the master when it comes to planning perfect surprises.


17 thoughts on “Unplanned Pregnancy

  1. I am almost positive we are twin souls.
    My Adelynn was also a surprise to us, but not a mistake.

    I believe your third quote can also be applied to parents who are in our situation as well. “They weren’t an accident. They were wanted and loved from the very beginning.” In fact, I really like it that way.

    My Adelynn’s middle name is Faith, and I can’t wait to someday tell her how God put her in our lives on His time.

    Thanks for sharing this today!

    1. Soul twins indeed!!

      We found out I was pregnant just 3 months after we got married (and just 1 month after Bran had lost his job!). Most amazing ‘accident’ ever!!

      Thank you for commenting, I was so upset writing this and by the time I was done I was more at peace. I had gotten it off my chest. But then last night when I set it to post, I worried that it wouldn’t be a good thing to put out there. You have made me feel much better, thank you!!

  2. You are so right about it all! Even the unplanned ones can be a joy if they were given the chance. People need to calm down and really look at what is important. You can’t take your money or possessions with you and they certainly will not miss you, someone else will get them. But our family will remember us and that is more important and the way God wanted it to be. Thanks for the lesson. I am a new follower from the blog hop and following you thru RSS Reader and Facebook. I did not see GFC so I am guessing you wanted to be followed thru RSS. If I missed GFC let me know and I can come back. I would love to have a follow on both of these as well when you get a chance. Thanks so much for your help and have a great weekend.


    1. I’m glad you liked it. Thank you for coming by and subscribing! I am now following you via Facebook and e-mail subscription. I don’t have a GFC because I have a wordpress hosted blog and they don’t support the code to add it to my blog!

      Thanks again!

  3. Yeah! Get em!! It never ceases to amaze me how my life plan has gone so totally off course. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. Sometimes the best things that happen in our lives are not things we “plan” for but are beyond amazing and wonderful just the same.

  4. Oh Michele, what a great heartfelt post. I am sorry you were upset. Blogging IS good for the soul, isn’t it?!
    I love to tell people that the 4 I planned, now reside in Heaven with Jesus. And the 4 I never expected, live on earth with me. That “Birth Control” might as well be called “Birth UN control” because truely, if the good Lord wanted all those people to be pregnant, whammo! It’d be so and done to HIS glory! Amen and amen.
    You tell ’em girl……
    Love, the Mommy of 4 of the best “Surprises” of her life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you Tonya, you are such a blessing!!! Everytime I think of your kids I think of how obvious God has made himself in your life, you just can’t deny it!! I hope things are looking up and that you survived your hectic weekend with your sanity still intacted.

      Love, Michele

  5. I love this!! My kids were surprises. I never referred to it as an unplanned pregnancy….I told my son he was an unexpected surprise and he is exactly that, along with both of his sisters. God has a plan for me and they were in his plan for me:)

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