A Flashback to my Childhood

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Bran and I took Ade to the local park last night were I rediscovered one of my long-lost loves. The swing. Bran had Ade on his lap, so I was left by myself in a swing. I felt kind of silly honestly, at least at first.

Turns out, you can’t out grow loving the swing. I started swinging higher and higher and with the sound of my daughters laughter in the background I was in heaven. Flying through the air, eyes closed with the best music playing in the world. It doesn’t get much better than that.

(Photo Credit)

With the cool crisp air blowing through my hair, memories started to flood back to me. I remember being on the playground with friends and competing with to see who could swing the highest, jump out the farthest, and do the neatest upside down swing tricks. From around 1st grade until 5th grade the swing was the most awesome thing in my world. Well, maybe not the most, but pretty darn close. My friends and I loved the swing set, and I really hope that Ade and her friends will be able to experience this (as opposed to a Nintendo DS).

What was one of your favorite outside things to do with your friends when you were younger?


4 thoughts on “A Flashback to my Childhood

  1. Ah the joys of reliving childhood memories. I enjoyed the swings until I got to about 4th grade. Then riding on them always seem to make me sick. ( I started suffering from car sickness that year as well..maybe that is to blame)

    My favorite childhood memory is always reminiscing about chasing toads around outside with my sisters on our farm and catching them and putting them all in a huge bucket!

    1. Ugh, car sickness is horrible. I remember having to take these pills for it, that tasted like butt if you didn’t swallow fast enough.

      On my Grandad’s farm me and my cousins use to catch crawfish and put them in a bucket. At home (I was an only child until 10) I remember having a fasination with toads that would hop through our yard while I was playing. There is a whole generation of toads that are permenatly tramatized from a little blonde girl chasing them around. Poor things.

      Playing outside is the best 🙂

  2. We played “Sea Monster” with all the neighbor kids. Can’t recall much more than we were orphans and the sandbox was our “Boat”. You had to swim to get food and not be caught by the bratty little brothe…I mean “Sea Monster” hiding behind the bushes.
    Fun, right!? 🙂

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