Is it to early to be thinking about Halloween?

I have put a lot of effort into deciding what Ade is going to wear for Halloween…

Okay, how am I kidding, I got an idea from Pinterest and I’m rolling with it!!

Here’s the inspiration:

Crazy cute right??

So far I have the tights (I got them at Gymboree for $1.50 in the clearance bin!!):

And I have an adorable onesie on order  in turqouise that I am really excited about. I also bought some feathers, both peacock and brown really fluffy feathers. I’ll probably head back to Hobby Lobby and get the teal ones and see what I like best from there for the feather bottom! For her hair, if she will cooperate, I want to do this:

I can’t wait for it all to come together!! What are your ideas for Halloween? Are you doing anything special for a costume?


6 thoughts on “Is it to early to be thinking about Halloween?

  1. That’s cute! I get bored of seeing the same storebought costumes every year.
    I haven’t been sucked in by Pinterest (yet), but I imagine I’d spend a lot more time crafting if I did.

    1. Stay away as long as you can!!!! Haha! It is really fun, but crazy addicting. I love seeing other peoples ideas. What has happened to me is that I now have a huge list of crafting things to do/try but really no more time to do them in. So they just sit.

      I’ve already gotten tired of store bought custome as well, hopefully I’ll be able to make her a custome every year (and sometimes it’s way cheaper too!)

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