Update on AJ

For those of you that have been interested in her ASD I thought I would give a general update.

She is doing great, besides being a cranky little brat. She appears to have at least 6 molars coming in all at about the same time, so I guess I would be a cranky brat too. We love Hylands Teething Tablets and Hyland’s Homeopathic Teething Gel ($1.02 on Amazon, check it out! (this is an affliated link just so you know)). They are a great natural way to relieve the pain and calm her down (and from what I can tell, they really work!).

Anyways, we believe she has finally hit 20 lbs (according to a home scale). I can’t decide if I think this is good or not. She was approximately 18lbs 14oz at her cardiology appointment at 12 months old. She is now almost 16 months old, so in 4 months she has gained 18 oz. That just doesn’t seem like very much (especially compared to the amount of food she eats!!)

Of course it is a constant worry that she isn’t gaining enough, I hate having what feels like a ultimatium hanging over our head about her surgery. It makes me get all panicky if she isn’t eating well (because her teeth hurt, isn’t in the mood, etc.). Of course most of the time she eats more than I do it seems, but occasionally she doesn’t want to eat hardly at all. Not something I deal with very well. On those days though, we usually give her a liquid ‘meal’ type of product. A fruit smoothie (has to be all natural, with no added sugars or homemade) or PediSure for instance.

Of course, she doesn’t notice a thing when I’m worrying. She is to busy being herself and investigating everything. Little stinker thinks she is pretty big stuff. Not 100% on what her verbal skills are ‘suppose’ to be, but I think she is doing pretty well. She has a lot of very involved, complicated conversations with herself. They are just gibberish to us, but she is so much fun to listen to.

Bran and I think she knows somewhere between 15-20 words that she will use on a regular basis. Of course her vocabulary grows bit by bit every day. I can’t wait to hear her say ‘I love you’.

I meant to take some pictures of her to put with this post, turns out there isn’t much time to snap pictures when I’m chasing her around. 😉 The truth is I often just forget my camera. I promise to get some pictures up soon, plus I finally finished one of the crafts on my first Top Ten list that I can’t wait to show you. It’s the melted crayon one, so it totally pertains to this post since it’s for Miss Ade-Tude.

Well, that’s it from my household today, I hope you are having a Blessed Day!


2 thoughts on “Update on AJ

  1. So happy to hear she’s happy and busy. Maybe a nicu nutritionist or pediatric nutritionist would have some great tips or tricks? Long ago I would’ve said don’t worry, but that’s about the dumbest advice one can give to a mom in this situation. So, keep up the good work worrying and being such a wonderful mommy!

    1. I have talked to my Pedi’s nurse, they don’t seem as concerned as the cardiologist. I am planning to take all of her weights (birth on) to show him the whole pattern. At about 9 months she wasn’t eating real well and started being extremely active. I really wonder if that affected his numbers and maybe with a bigger data base he will see that she is doing much better now.

      Thank you!! I am past trying not to worry and just trying to make it ‘constructive’ worrying, if that makes any since. You are such a great blog-friend 🙂

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