Top Ten Baby Items that Saved My Sanity

These aren’t in any particular order, they are all equally wonderful.

1. Boppy Pillow – Not just a nursing pillow my friends but also a tummy time assister, baby holder, and almost sitting up booster. AKA Awesomesauce.

2. Bumbo Baby Sitter Chair with Play Tray – This is what we used in place of the high chair (we also have a high chair that straps onto our dining room chairs that is great too.) We take this with us when we go out to eat and with the tray attached it works so much better than the rickety looking baby seats that restaurants have.

3. Moby Wrap UV SPF 50+ 100% Cotton Baby Carrier – Baby wearing is the latest spring fashion dontcha know? Not to mention AJ loved being in it. So win-win. We also have a sling that is wonderful as well.

4. Pacifiers – This doesn’t really need an explanation does it? AJ is a paci baby, if yours isn’t than you probably don’t have it on your list.

5. Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote – Gotta love telling Bran it is his turn to get up and feed the screaming newborn have some bonding time with his daughter.

6. Contours Classique 3-1n-1 Bassinet– This Bassinet has it all, and got tons of use! AJ was in this until she was 4 months old and we transitioned her into her crib. The pockets and changing table attachment are so amazing useful (for obvious reasons) and it is so sturdy (unlike a lot of other bassinets I have seen!)

7. Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing – Now I realize that some kids refuse to be in these things, but for us this was a life saver! She would nap in this sometimes giving mommy some great time to do laundry/dishes/cook dinner/sleep/be human again… etc.

8. Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe Blanket – If you have a baby that has to be cuddled up ALL the time in order to sleep you will want these. The velcro keeps them from falling off if baby wiggles and the bottom part can be pulled down so you can change a diaper without fully uncovering your child. Perfection!

9. Playtex Drop-Ins Bottles and Liners – These are great! The unique thing about Drop Ins is that they utilize disposable liners that collapse as baby feeds so no air gets into the milk, the idea being potentially uncomfortable symptoms such as gas, colic, spitting up occur less frequently. Most important, they are SO easy for the baby as the infant can continue to suck without having to release air.

10. Sleep and Plays – These little outfits are perfect for when playing around the house turns into nap time unexpectedly. Plus, they are just so darn cute. I got ours at  Target.

Alright, what would have made it on to your list?

***Disclaimer: There are Amazon affliation links in this post. Disclosure Policy***

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Baby Items that Saved My Sanity

  1. We used our boppy for all those things, but also as a pillow for me! I had a c-section and it helped a lot that i could lean back on the pillow to sit up straight on our futon that leaned back really far.

    We used our bumbo so much too! I used to set Adelynn in it on the counter so I could cook. We have a high chair that clips on to the table to take to restaurants too. I would add that to a list if I made one!! We just keep it in the car. One time we went to a small restaurant and we left it in the car. They were out of high chairs and so we went to the car and got it!

    We also could not live without our seahorse! Or Adelynn’s Snoopy We bought a second one after being gifted the first one and it was an awesome purchase!! (sorry about the ebay link, I couldnt find it on Amazon anywhere!!)
    I cannot express how awesome this was. Especially for the stage where they pick up their own food, but won’t leave a plate on the table. Last one! But we loved it!!

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