WFMW: ‘Homemade’ Sun-Dried Tomato & Garden Spinach Tortilla Chips

works for me wednesdays

One of my favorite quick and pretty easy appetizers is Sun-Dried Tomato & Garden Spinach Tortilla Chips with cheese dip and salsa. You may have noticed that I said Homemade with parentheses around it. Well that’s because it’s only a smidgen homemade. This is how I make them:

First, buy these (Mission Brand, I find them at Wal-Mart):

Next take tortillas out of the package and cut them in half (I use a pizza cutter and it works awesome!):

And now in half again:

Once more:

Now you have 96 tortilla slivers:

Set your oven to Broil (or 500*F) and move the rack to the highest position. Now, go find as many cookie sheets as you own. I own 4 and end up having to use them all twice. I think it is easier to have all the slivers set up and just do the oven shuffle dance, if you only want to get 1 cookie sheet dirty I understand.

Now brush both sides of your tortilla slivers with a very small amount of olive oil:

Once you have all your cookie sheets ready place the first two in the oven on the top rack for 2 minutes. Keep an eye on them, your oven may be faster or slower than mine. These things will burn in a matter of seconds. When you take them out they should be crunchy, if they aren’t let them cook a little longer. Now enjoy!  (I meant to take a picture of them finished, but I was to busy eating!)

I would imagine that this would work for regular flour tortillas or even homemade tortillas, I’ve just never tried them.


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