Labor Day and Birthday

You know how I said there are a bunch of birthdays this time of year in my family? Well, today is MY birthday!

It just so happens to fall on Labor Day this year just like it did the year I was born.

Yes, my mother went into labor on Labor Day. Apparently her coworkers thought that was hilarious. Most of them were men, since us woman know there is nothing humerous about labor. 🙂 I am blessed, however, to end up with a four day work-week and long weekend around my birthday every year. It’s like the whole nation is celebrating ME! Because I am just that awesome.  Right?  Plus, how cool is it to be born close to a holiday that doesn’t involve presents? That way I get the perk of having an extra day with family without some of my presents turning into ‘dual’ presents. Those of you born in December know what I’m talking about. Seriously, best birth date ever!!

Anyways, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends and having a great time celebrating my birthday, errr I mean Labor Day! See you on the other side, when reality kicks in and we have to go back to work. 



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