Top Ten Baby Items I Could Have Lived Without

That’s right, these are my top ten over-hyped, probably wasn’t worth my money baby items that I won’t be using for the second baby and really wish I hadn’t even messed with for Ade. Next week I’ll have my top ten items. It will be fun to compare won’t it? I wonder what of ours will be the same and what you would have put on the opposite list.

Let’s get started:

1. Changing Table — Yes, seriously. Up until AJ could roll over we used the bassinet in our room for her to sleep in (it was a big one and she was a tiny baby) and so we changed her on a pad on our bed and never really had a problem. Then once she could roll and was introduced into her room we used the floor for fear of her rolling off the changing table. (Hi, my name is Michele, I am an over-protective mother that freaks out about every freaking little thing.)

2. Wipe Warmer — This thing should be called the Wipe Dehydrater. Seriously, enough said.

3. Special Laundry Detergent — Ya’ll know by now that I wash everything with Eco Nuts so I won’t write a big long paragraph about them. For those of you interested but haven’t read any of my stuff on them go here. (Ok just one thing, have any of you really looked at what is in Dreft? How did they ever become the must-have baby laundry soap?)

4. Baby shoes — Now don’t get me wrong, I love baby shoes! And the soft soled ones are stinking adorable, but really you don’t need them until baby starts standing and walking. So try to resist, or just buy one pair that has some stretch to it and just use those.

5. Baby bath tub — You know, every house I’ve ever been in has had a kitchen sink and you know what, they are positioned at the optimum level to not wear out your back or knees. Bonus, you don’t have to find a place to store something so oddly shaped as the baby bath tub! Sounds like a win/win to me.

6. Full sized high chair — Not necessary and a pain to figure out were to store when we have company and want to use all sides of the dining room table. Next week I’ll tell you what our favorite option is.

7. Shopping Cart covers — This is a good idea, but it doesn’t help when you forget it practically ALL the time. I’m so glad that they have started putting disinfecting wipes at all of the doors of most major store chains now-a-days.

8. Bottle Warmer — I realize this might be more useful if your baby gets more bottles than mine did, but we never used it. It was seriously faster to just leave a glass of water in the microwave at all times (it sure felt like it most days) and just hit the button and wait. But Ade was breast-fed, it is probably an entirely different situation for a formula baby.

9. Nursing Bras — I’m sorry, I know this is a little TMI, but seriously ladies, these things suck!!! So instead I bought a bunch of clasp in the front between your boobs bras and used those. So much better and as long as you get ones with wire they will hold the opposite side in place while you have unleashed the other one. Stop giggling, I’m serious. Plus you can get really good at the one-handed clasp/unclasp if you just practice. I would say it was just as easy as the silly nursing bra clasps.

10. Nursing cover — A light blanket works just fine and is something that you usually have with you. I’m sure some swear by their nursing cover, but it was just easier for me to throw a blanket over us.

Alright, what would have made it onto your list? What would you have not put on this list that I did? 


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Baby Items I Could Have Lived Without

  1. I couldn’t resist commenting! I love hearing other mother’s likes/ dislikes.

    #1- I would have died without a changing table. I’m anal in that I want everything sanitary and had to have a designated spot. I also liked being able to chance C at a good height. I just used a dresser that also (obviously) stored clothing.

    #2- Wipe warmer- waste of money!

    #3- I’ve been wondering the same thing! I have such sensitive skin I figured if it works for me it will work for C. I’ve been an eco nuts user for a while too!

    #4- Infant Shoes- waste of money!

    #5- Bathtub: Here’s an awesome one to protect your peanut from slipping and free up your hands for a moment. Best part- folds flat!

    #6- High chairs: agreed- completely. I love ones that clip onto the chair. They want to be just like us right, so why not have them at our height all the time? Plus they work into toddlerhood and beyond as boosters.

    #7- Shopping cart cover: well this is where anal first-time mom comes in being afraid of germs. I always had it in the back of the car and washed it on occasion. I freaked when C didn’t fit in his infant carrier anymore for fear of these cart germs.

    #8- No idea- I nursed

    #9- My answer- Bravado. Check out their site- AWESOME (and worth every penny for quality and comfort). Enough said.

    #10- Wish I had one. Nursing in public so often made me constantly concerned about a potential show I was putting on.

  2. I loved, loved, loved I will say it again LOVED my changing table. Then again, I am the only person I know who cried because her baby got potty trained. I loved the time of smiling into her eyes as I changed her! I know, I know… crazy. Stinky crazy.

    I also think about the years when I WANTED a baby so badly.

    I think my favorite single item was a Johnny Jump Up. Kids could hang in the doorway and jump and play while I worked in the kitchen. Loved that thing.

    And now I feel dreadfully old since my youngest is ten… and am grateful to have had the walk down memory lane.

    Grateful to find you via Chasing Joy’s flashback Friday!

  3. We have a new grandbaby and I wonder what my children will think about all the stuff they have for their first one is a few months. I bet they will agree with you on most things. Very funny and interesting.

  4. I always thought wipe warmers were a waste too, but my Mom used to babysit my cousins who had one and she thought they were the best thing ever. She said she always felt bad for babies who had that surprising and cold wipe touch their “sweet little bottom”. My neighbors had one at their garage sale – never used, because they had two. So my mom said she would get it for her. It was a wipe dehydrater! UNTIL I learned to pour approx 1/2 cup of water in the bottom every time I fill it up with wipes. Voila!

    I agree with your list! But we keep our cart liner in the back of the car, with our clip on high chair and our grocery shopping bags.

    Buying bras that clasp in the front… genius!! Definitely doing that next time around!!

    1. I gave up on the wipe warmer. It was so annoying and just warmed up the wipes on my arm or leg (takes the chill off with your body heat). Being able to wear a ‘normal’ bra was so amazing! Helped me feel like a ‘real’ person again. I’ve been carrying the cart liner around more now since Ade has started interacting with the cart more (ours has toys attached so it keeps her from trying to grab things and put them in the cart!)

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