Today is a special day!

It’s my Husbands BIRTHDAY!!

I think you can understand why I like this day in particular, since I of course love the fact that he was BORN!

Poor hubby, he doesn’t really get to celebrate today because he has to work until 10pm. Good thing we planned ahead of time however, and left AJ with her Mimi and headed out on a date this past Saturday to a comedy club and had a fabulous time!

I had been pondering how I would celebrate his birthday on my blog. I wanted it to be special, but I just couldn’t think of exactly what I wanted. So, I finally decided to tell you a little about him. Originally I planned to list the things I love about him and throw in some random facts about him, maybe even some funny memories. But instead, I’m going to tell you a quick story that kind of sums up what kind of guy he is. This happened last Saturday night, when we were on our way home from picking AJ up after our date.

Bran was driving down the road when we both notice hazard lights blinking up in the distance. As we got closer we a large white truck sitting in the ditch. That doesn’t look good, I think. When our headlights finally fully illuminate the truck we see that it has significant body damage.

Bran pulled to the side of the road, put the car in park, told me to stay in the car, as he hopped out locking the car behind him. He had seen what I hadn’t yet: a man laying in the ditch. He rushed over to him, thankfully he was conscious, and began to talk to him. Asking him what happened, asking him were he hurt, and telling him not to move (for fear that he could be severely injured). All the while, also asking him simple questions in an effort to calm him down.

While  he was checking on the man, obviously, 9-1-1 was called and an ambulance arrived on scene in what felt like a matter of seconds. Soon police cars were driving up and the whole scene was illuminated in flashing red and blue lights.

After speaking with the police and letting them know all that he knew (from what Bran heard it appeared that the man had fallen asleep at the wheel and rolled his truck into the ditch) he returned to the car. As he climbed back in and merged back into traffic he apologized to me saying, “I’m sorry I left you in the car, and that we will get home later, but I just couldn’t do nothing.”

And that is my husband. He can’t stand by and do nothing. He would give the shirt off his back to help someone who is in need. It’s not just how he was raised; it’s who he is. I don’t think he even takes time to consider not helping, he makes sure his family is safe and then jumps into action. He’s my modern-day superhero. (Yes, I know, that was corny 🙂 )

I realize that running into an accident scene isn’t everyone’s forte (Bran has received first response training as part of his training at his previous job) and that some people might say it was a bad idea. But to me, that isn’t the point. The point is that I have an amazing husband, who has a huge heart for people in need, and also loves his family dearly! What more could I ask for?

Happy Birthday Bran! I love you!


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