Weekly Top Ten: How In the World Did I End Up Here?

Hello everyone!! I’m sure some of you have noticed that I lately I’ve been lacking in blog posts. Sorry, I blame the Florida sunshine. But now, we are back to reality and I am back to blogging on a semi-daily basis. In fact, I just spent the last 45 minutes writing a great post for next Wednesday about my favorite tips for traveling on a plane with a toddler. Make sure to come back and check out all my hard work :).

Okay, this week I want to share with you the Top Ten ways that people find my blog. Some of them I am sharing because they are entertaining, not because they bring a lot of views. Others account for a large number a views and I’ll let you know which is which. Alright, without further ado!

10. Crayons melted through a glue gun. Seriously, I have gotten over 50 random views from people searching for this or some kind of very similar wording in a search engine. How bizarre that my one post would get somehow tagged for this. They are directed to this post, which ironically was my first Weekly Top Ten!

9. For The Love of Blogs. This is a blog that is all about promoting other blogs. They have blog hops almost daily. Sometimes these blog hops are specific (Tasty Tuesdays) and sometimes they are very general (Comment Love Sundays). Either way, it is a very fun way to get out there and meet new bloggers while bringing in some new faces too! They also will feature your blog if you submit a request!

8. Do marshmallows and butter combine chemically? Okay, so this only happened once, but how awesome is that? Now, I don’t know if they combine chemically, but here at Chemically Inclined, they combine beautifully in this post.

7. Comment Hour. This is a really neat blog hop. You are given 25 blogs in 1 hour and you go and read a post of theirs and leave a comment! I have found so many great blogs through this and made new blogging friends! The blog hop is always on Wednesday night, and you must have a twitter to participate, but if you sign up ahead of time, your blog might just be one of the 25!

6. Picket Fence Blogs. Picket Fence is a free ranked blog directory for bloggers. They take your incoming views and outgoing clicks and rank your blog. Click below to vote for ChemInclined!

Clicking through the pages is a great way to find new blogs that you might like since all of them have a little blurb you can read. If you have a blog you should join! You will be surprised how many people will find you!

5. I Prefer to be Barefoot. This is another one of those searches that brought in more people than you would think. I was amazed at how many people Google’d this. Well, their search lead them straight to this post.

4. Works for Me Wednesdays. This is the most fun blog hop I participate in!! I love reading other people’s tips! 

3. Twitter and Facebook pages. But mostly Twitter. It might just be me, but my Twitter page is a lot more active than my Facebook. Except for the time that I was mentioned on Eco Nut’s Facebook page.

2. How Much Can You Save Cloth Diapering. This is another very popular search engine hit. I’m happy to see that more soon-to-be parents are considering Cloth Diapering! We really love it in my family, more than I even thought that we would. Check out my price breakdown and feel free to ask me any questions you have!

1. Money Saving Mom. I post my weekly Walgreen’s deal in her link up and lots of people come by and check out the deals! It’s a fun way to find other blogs that have great shopping deal ideas too!


10 thoughts on “Weekly Top Ten: How In the World Did I End Up Here?

  1. Fun post idea, hmmm, I may have to file this idea away for a rainy day! 🙂 So, did you see this on your dashboard? You need to teach me your ways oh-knowledgeble-wordpress-one! I’d also like to know how to add a “button” like you have on the sidebar. Which widget did you use? Please and thank you.

    1. Thanks, it was kind of fun! I found all of these in the Stats section! If you click on the View All button it takes you to today’s stats right? Well, then from there you can click on individual sections (Referrers and Search Engine Terms) by clicking on the ‘this week’ button in the right hand corner of their box. That takes you to a new page were you can select “ 7 days, 30 days, Quarter, Year, All Time” at the top. I picked All Time so I could see everything and then wrote the post from there!

      As far as the Grab the Button box, first you will need to make a button that is 120×120 pixels. I picked the picture I wanted and uploaded it to Tinypic.com (you can use any editing tool you want) and adjusted the size and edited it to make it look like I wanted and added text. Once you have it like you want it, save it to your computer.

      Okay, now go to the Media section on the left hand side of your Dashboard, it’s right under Posts. Click ‘Add New’, Select files and select your new button. Before you click ‘Save All Changes’, copy the URL in the ‘File URL’ box. This is the location of your button. Now that you have copied it, click ‘Save All Changes’.

      Still with me? Now go to this site. In the box that says ‘Your image URL’ paste the URL you just copied from uploading your button. Follow the rest of the instructions and VOILA! It will give you a code.

      Copy this code and paste it into a ‘Arbitrary Text’ box Widget where you would like it to appear on your blog.

      Let me know if you need any clarification! I realize this is kind of a long process 🙂

  2. If you go to that website that I mentioned in the above comment it will do everything for you to make a grab a button box. Just follow the directions and when it spits out a HTML code, copy and paste it into a plain text box widget!

  3. This stinks. I really am not that computer illiterate, I promise! Here’s the dealio, I have a picket fence button (the one they gaved me) and the one I assume you referred to. Will you come click on it on my blog and tell me if it takes you to my blog listing on their site? It is not working for me.
    Second and totally different issue, (surprise, surprise) what I meant was, I liked your “grab a button, share the love” with the chemically inclined picture, so this is why I made a 4 little Ferguson button today. Just don’t know which widget box to put it in so the photo shows above with the link ready for copy and paste below it. NOW do I make sense? Sorry if I don’t. I promise not to take up any more comment space. In fact, delete away!!!!!! We can talk via email! 🙂 Hugs! T

    1. I have plenty of comment space, plus someone else might be interested.

      The picture should automatically show-up above the comment box when you put the HTML text into a blank text widget box. The one labeled “Arbitrary Text”. Have you tried it? Will it not work? Let me know, and I might be able to make the code for you.

  4. Hysterical. You aren’t going to believe this, I did the same EXACT things I have been doing all day, following your directions to the “T” once again…..Except this time, IT WORKED! Woo hoo! 🙂 Now, will you pretty please go check it out and whilst you are therest, clickest my picket fence button and tell me where it taketh thee?! Thank you, Michele!

    1. YAY!!! The button looks great! I clicked on your Picket Fence and it took me to the home page and registered my vote for you (that is exactly what it is suppose to do!!!).

      Looks like a success! So sorry you had so much trouble. Now that you have a grab button I’ll add you to my sidebar. Gotta share the cuteness 🙂

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