Jaws takes on a whole new meaning.

Have any of you heard of a new material called Sharklet?

This is what the stuff looks like, but do you know what it does?

“Sharklet™ is the world’s first technology to inhibit bacterial growth through physical surface modification alone. The surface topography is made of millions of microscopic diamonds that disrupt the ability for bacteria to aggregate, colonize, and develop into biofilms.” — www.sharklet.com

Basically, that means that this innovative surface is capable of deterring bacteria growth simply because of the way it is shaped. Pretty awesome right? What do you mean you aren’t excited about it? Well, what if I told you that this will hopefully make a big change in occurrences of hospital spread bacterial infections such as MRSA? Based on statistics from a 2007 study by the American Medical Association, MRSA is responsible for more than 94,000 serious infections and 19,000 deaths annually, killing more people than the AIDS virus. Obviously, if this product is used on just about any surface that humans come in contact with at hospital the incidence of MRSA and other infections contracted solely because one is in the hospital would theoretically dramatically decrease. That means a lot of lives could be saved.

Now, want to hear something else cool? The idea for this product came from the skin of a shark. Apparently, the microscopic pattern of the shark’s skin is a diamond pattern (like the one above) and allows the shark to not only resist growing algae all over its body, but also bacteria. How it works:

“Similar to other organisms, bacteria seek the path of least energy resistance. Research results suggest that Sharklet keeps biofilms from forming because the pattern requires too much energy for bacteria to colonize. The consequence is that organisms find another place to grow or simply die from inability to signal to other bacteria.” — www.sharklet.com

Pretty cool right? Maybe now we can look at sharks as more than just killing machines!



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