WFMW: Iron on Memories

works for me wednesdays

Today, the Chemically Inclined clan is boarding a plane and heading off on vacation! This isn’t just any vacation though, this is the first time that Ade will get to meet her grandparents in Florida. We are all very excited. In anticipation of this day, I wanted to find outfits for Ade to wear that were special for her Nana and Papa.

Well, you know how hard it is to find anything with the word ‘Nana’ or ‘Papa’ on it in this town? Well, if it’s here than it’s hiding really well.

So, I came up with a Plan B. I would use those neat iron-on decals that I have seen a couple times at Hobby Lobby and call it good. Here are the supplies (forgive me, I didn’t take a picture of our iron. But seriously, I think we all know what one looks like):

Cutie girl blank shirts.

The iron on decal that I bought. Turns out they didn’t have a human version of ‘Spoiled Rotten’.
A few quick snips and it was good to go!

The finished product. I can already tell after one project that this could get addicting!


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