How I Met Your Father Pt 4

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Where were we? Oh, yeah. Taylor ended an e-mail with L.O.V.E

Was your response, ummmm what??

Because mine was. Actually, my response was nothing. I didn’t have the energy to deal with it and so I chalked it up to him being a good friend and went to bed. Or actually air mattress, that I shared with another girl, which had a wonderful tendency to be airless by morning.

The next few days went by in a blur. I spend most of my time with the native Puerto Ricans and very little time with my group. The day before we boarded the plane back, I finally e-mailed him a response. Something like this:


Thanks for thinking of me. It will be nice to be back home. This has been a great experience, and I would like to tell you about it. Hope to see you sometime before schools starts. Youth group perhaps?


Yeah, I’m awesome (NOT). Anyways, in the hopes of ending this series at some point in the near future, we are going to fast forward to fall homecoming junior year. (Trust me, you didn’t miss anything). A couple of days before Friday there was a group of us girls chatting about the upcoming game and dance that would follow. It’s the first big school sponsored social event of the year and we are all pretty excited.

Was it a big thing at your high school to wear the opposite colored jersey of one of the football players the day of a big game? Because it was at mine (which I think I touched on when I was talking about Jon). In fact it was so big that some girls didn’t really care whose jersey it was, as long as they got to wear one. Apparently it was some sort of competition for the guys too. I won’t even begin to pretend that I understand how that worked.

From my bunny trail I’m guessing you figured out what we were talking about: Who was wearing what jerseys. This hadn’t ever really been a dilemma for me. Not that I had a bunch of guys wanting me to wear their jerseys, quite the opposite I assure you, but because  I managed to always have a boyfriend on the football team (small town school = everyone played) during the fall. Jon = freshman (although he quit shortly after we broke up) and Josh = sophomore (yeah, you aren’t the only ones surprised he played).

This was my first high school football season without a jersey er, boyfriend. (Cue dramatic, life ending teen music). Really, however, it wasn’t that big of a deal to me. It would be nice to have a jersey, but I was pretty happy with where I was. I had been elected Junior Reporter, was in Beta Club,Thespian Society and Science Club (among others), and had been allowed to take an advanced class that was normally reserved for seniors only (why yes, it was a high level science class, how did you guess?).

Or maybe subconsciously I knew that I would get a random visit from Taylor later that evening, jersey in hand, mumbling something about how he was told that everyone needed to find someone to wear their jersey to show school spirit and what not.

Friday came around, I spent the afternoon setting up for homecoming and prepping for the dance with a girl friend, oh and being on cloud nine. That night at the dance we officially started dating. Everyone said they had seen it coming and talked about how they couldn’t believe it had taken us so long.

Except Ande.

And the rift between us grew. Apparently she had been holding out some hope of getting back together with him. Thankfully, that was quickly forgotten and each of us went on living our junior year in spite of each other. We were in drama together, because after all it was her and Josh that introduced me to it, and we were able to be civil, sometimes even friendly, but old wounds just never quite healed.

The rest of my life that year? Well, I thought it was perfect. I had a stable relationship again; similar to the one I had with Jon, I made new friends helping to plan senior prom; which was a huge success if you ask me and I played a part (although small) in every single production our theatre troupe put on, including the performance that we took to the State Championship. Drama had provided me not only with an outlet for stress but with a place that I could really start to come out of my shell. I couldn’t imagine living without acting, without my friends, without my little town, or without Taylor.

 Then my whole life came crashing down around me.


To be continued…


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