How I Met Your Father Pt. 3

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My final blow-up with Josh happened the beginning of the summer before my junior year. That previous fall I had started working at the local library. The reason this is important at all is because this job allowed me internet access pretty much whenever I wanted it. Of course, the reason internet access is important is a story I really haven’t touched on yet.

Okay, so I need to back up a little. Let’s go back to the previous summer where Josh and I had been dating for a few months. At this point we were happy and were having a ‘summer fling’ type of relationship. I summer fling in the sense that it wasn’t serious. We hadn’t gotten into any real feelings (good or bad) and were still very much in the butterfly/gushy stage of getting to know each other.

One afternoon a group of us met up at Josh’s house for a Halo party. These parties really just consisted of the girls occasionally pretending to play while squealing because they were unable to move both joysticks at the same time in order to look around and move simultaneously and the boys ignoring the girls except to get easy ‘kills’. Yeah, awesome right?  These parties were pretty common among our group of friends at the time and I was just starting to recognize some of the guy regulars. One in particular had caught Andrea’s eye. His name was Taylor. He occasionally came to youth group and he had a little bit of bad boy/emo style going for him. Of course at the same time he was a little bit of jock. Kind of a perfect mix of everything I guess, at least he was for Ande (Andrea).

So, as teenagers are notorious for, we teased the two of them endlessly the entire afternoon and into the evening until she had to go home. As soon as she left the taunting continued, and worsened until finally Taylor called her up and asked her out with all of us listening in. Brave guy huh? She said yes and I was ecstatic. Now, since our falling out hadn’t happened yet, we could hang out as couples.

Taylor and Ande’s relationship was kind of rocky from the start. Looking back I wonder if she was trying to force herself to like him because he was a nice guy and Josh’s friend or perhaps they just weren’t compatible in any way. Either way, Taylor soon was coming to me for advice. Being a guy and seeing as I was just his girlfriend’s friend he would converse with me via e-mail or MSN messenger. Once the summer was over and we started our sophomore year Ande and Taylor’s relationship officially ended. After that I didn’t see much of Taylor, but would still occasionally talk to him via internet outlets.

Ande moved on during our sophomore year and Josh and I proceeded to have our relationship-explosion. And with that we are now back around to the beginning of the summer before my junior year. This was an important summer because our youth group was planning a mission trip to Puerto Rico. Around this time Taylor and I started e-mailing each other back and forth again. He was interested in the trip; I was going and willing to feed him information. Slowly I was able to convince him to come back to the youth group on occasion.

I had a secret motive. I was hoping that maybe Ande would give him another chance and then forgive me for being a truly awful friend because I brought him back into her life. In order to orchestrate my plan correctly I had to be connected. (I’m sorry you had to find out about my conniving ways via this love story. Just remember everyone has their faults.) But, now you understand the reason that the internet was so important.

Taylor was unable to go on the trip with us (which did not fit into my plan!) Since he couldn’t go I focused my attention back on the trip and what I hoped would be a humbling experience as we went out to help a Christian school with basic maintenance and repairs to their buildings. As far as that goes it was a life changing experience. The people and places we went to were amazing and I wouldn’t change any of it for anything. To go to a place so close to the USA and a part of the USA and still see people suffering in this way was very eye-opening.

Unfortunately, because Josh was also on the trip there were some problems on a personal level. I tried my best not to let it get to me, but one night I just wasn’t handling it well. I logged onto the only computer the mission had and started up the dial-up internet in order to send a quick note to my parents to let them know some of the things I was seeing/hearing/learning. I needed to write that e-mail to remind me why I was there and help me clear my head. I felt a bit better after pushing send.

Wait, what is that? I noticed that between the time that I had opened up my e-mail account and written my parents I had received a new e-mail. Now, bear with me, I don’t remember it word for word, but this is basically what it said: 


I know you must be having a hard time dealing with Josh, but I wanted to remind you how special you are. You don’t deserve his crap. You deserve to be treated a lot better. Just remember I’m always there for you.
Love, Taylor

To be continued…


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