How I Met Your Father Pt. 1

Are you addicted to the show How I Met Your Mother? ‘Cause I am. Okay, not really addicted (Friends is the true addiction), but I do really like it. I was watching Season 2 Disc 3 the other night (thank you Netflix) and was thinking the entire time, how cool would it be to have an extremely long very detailed story to tell my kid(s)? I mean, Bran and I just met in high school. Not really that original huh?

But then I thought about it some more and realized that actually in order to explain why it was so surprising that we got together you have to go pretty far back. So, this series of posts are for AJ and our other child(ren), that way when they ask me “Mom, how did you and Dad meet?” I will have this to refer to. At least my side of the story anyways, for those of you that know me and Bran in real life you know that Bran’s journey to meeting me in high school is extremely complex as well!

Let’s go back in time to when I was in the 6th grade. It was the second time that my family moved in the middle of a school year. I finished one semester in New Albany and started the next in a little town called Owensville. I was distraught, and that is putting it lightly. However, as most things go, as time went by I adjusted and made new friends. Fast forward now to 8th grade and two very important things happen. First this is the year I started ‘dating’ my first ‘real’ boyfriend. Second a girl named Andrea moved to town.

This boyfriend’s name was Jonathan and we were the IT couple of 8th grade. Wow, jealous right? I know, you’re not sure what to say to that. Surely you remember being in 8th grade right?? Look at this through those eyes and give me a little bit of a break. We were practically inseparable. He even came with me every Wednesday night to attend a youth group from the closest Nazarene church that wasn’t my dad’s. (Our church didn’t really have a youth program.)

He was a lot of fun, and our familys really seemed to think we were perfect for each other, at least as perfect as you can be in 8th grade. We had some rough patches over the summer but made it through to freshman year with our relationship still intact. Starting out freshman year we continued to be an IT couple, but on a smaller scale. He joined the football team (wouldn’t it be so cliché if I was a cheerleader? Yeah, I wasn’t. I might be the clutzy-est person alive.) Quickly he became the teams varsity kicker (no not jr. varsity, varsity). He was really good and I went with his family to every game and proudly wore his jersey to school every Friday and Monday (being a freshman he still played jr. varsity games). It was just so perfectly cliché, right?

Well, until one day we got into a huge fight that morning before school. Looking back the subject matter was so ridiculous I’m not even going to go into the details. We took a break to go to classes, but met back up in the lunch room were it continued in whispered jabs and nasty glares. I left stormed out of the lunch room early, not realizing Jon was close behind and that our argument would turn into full-blown yelling/scene-making in the freshman hallway. Finally he had enough, yelled “We’re done” punched the locker next to mine and fled.

Um, what? My world came crashing down. At one point he tried to talk me back into his life, but I refused. This isn’t how a relationship should be, I thought.

Turns out while Jon and I were having a relationship I had blindly ignored my group of friends, only occasionally hanging out with them. Big mistake, obviously. So after we broke up and I went crawling back to them I quickly realized things had changed. Not all bad, but I had in a way been replaced by Andrea. Thankfully I was excepted back into the group (shocker after the way I had treated them). However, Andrea would be the one to lead me to my next step in the journey to meeting Bran.

To be continued…


9 thoughts on “How I Met Your Father Pt. 1

    1. Awww, thank you!! It’s a hard lesson to learn for teenagers, the balance between boys and friends, I’m thankful that I learned it early on. YAY!!, for another high school sweetheart couple!! Welcome to ChemInclined, I hope you have a lot of fun!! 🙂

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