Today’s todo List and some Crafty-ness

  • Wash 3 Loads laundry.
  • Sing and Dance with Ade to her new Winnie the Pooh CD
  • Dry/Hang to dry 3 loads laundry.
  • Fold dry laundry.
  •  Refold laundry because Ade-Tude keeps throwing it out of the basket and running away giggling.
  • Chase baby around giggling.
  • Finish up on dishes in the sink and load the dishwasher (with Ade’s help but of course)
  • Prevent baby from crawling into dishwasher
  • Look up luggage requirements for carry-on and checked luggage for upcoming trip (Has it really been this long since I’ve been on a plane? UGH!)
  • Where did these coffee filters and mini aluminum pie pans come from? Put away and make sure kitchen cabinet is securely latched.
  • Return to computer.
  • Rejoice because I CAN bring milk for Ade along with snacks onto the plane (Happy dance)
  • Hear ruckus and go to find that Ade has figured out how to push down the baby gate corralling her into the living room.
  • Put baby gate back up in a better position, checking to make sure it is steadier and relocate baby back into the living room.
  • Refold laundry that Ade had found while roaming free after toppling the baby gate. Quick little bugger.
  • Put new (hopefully stronger) baby gate on shopping list (she goes through these things like crazy)
  • Put all folded laundry away.
  • Chase baby through house holding my underwear.
  • Catch baby and corral her in her room while putting her folded cloths away.
  • Laugh at Ade and the dog she has cornered under her bed.
  • Go to take picture of dog and baby and realize I have no idea where my phone is.
  • Find phone in the dishwasher where baby must have planted it. Thank goodness I hadn’t started it.
  • Take picture.
  •  Dust Living room.
  • Put away DVDs that were scattered around the living room whilst I was dusting. Where are these coffee filters coming from?
  • Bake some delicious banana bread.
  • Pick up magazines that were scattered about while cooking. Seriously Ade you have a basket of perfectly fine toys. Geez. Oh look, our electric bill!
  • Feed Ade banana bread for the first time (Shhh, don’t tell Bran he missed it!)
  • Attempt for the first time to make some fabric hair bows when Ade goes down for nap.

And these my friends are my first attempts at making fabric hair bows. Keep in mind that I just used supplies around the house and that I am in no way a professional at this.

Pain in the youknowwhat.

Love the detail of this fabric!!!

This one on the other hand was so incredibly simple!

Such a pretty green button.


5 thoughts on “Today’s todo List and some Crafty-ness

  1. They turned out great! Is the tutorial on Pinterest? My nieces need some. WoW! You’re really busy. I remember those days…hang in there, it slows a little. Mine were 13 months apart, & daughter had ventricular septal defect. Crazy days! My daughter (now 16) is making her bedroom furniture from pallets at this very moment…darn Pinterest. We’re both addicted and it’s driving my poor husband crazy. We’ve broken one saw and dropped his hammer in a gallon of paint. We baked the brownies with the Oreos in the center too…warning-Pinterest makes you fat. Love your blog!

    1. I did find the inspiration for these on Pinterest (My Hubby tells me I am Pinsane! He would probably die if I touched his power tools, you brave woman you!) I used this tutorial for the green St. Patty’s ones:

      And I used this Etsy site as inspiration for the crazy intricate first ones. I didn’t buy the tutorial, I just went off of it and did my best. It might be worth it to buy the tutorial though, because my way was a horrible pain!!!

      VSD, I can’t imagine. Ade’s doctor has told us that he is glad that she doesn’t have VSD. If you don’t mind me asking, was she a premie? Did she have to have open heart surgery to fix it? I would love to hear your story. Trying to prepare for what I feel is the worst case scenario.

      Thanks so much for coming by, for your wonderful comment, and for the warning about Pinterest. I was starting to get that vibe, especially since I made ‘Smores Cookies last night after seeing them on Pinterest. ::hangs head in shame::

  2. Pinsane, heh, that’s pretty good. i have a feeling we’re going to start seeing a ton of new ‘pin’ words. That’s Pintastic, Holy Pin! Pinerific. thanks for the tutorial links. Wouldn’t that green silk one look great on high heels? I could add a springy clip thingy.
    Well, I carried her to 38 weeks, but was on bedrest for 3 months since my son was 6 weeks early (but without and defects).
    She was 7lbs, 7oz, 19 inches long. Yes, she had open heart surgery…Dr. Hisashi Nikaidoh when he was at Children’s Hospital in Dallas…God’s right hand man and FAMOUS in the congenital heart Sx world. Peri was listless, quiet, and pale for her first 6 months…never cried, clam-y. We were quarantined to the house to avoid catching a cold the entire time (thru Christmas…relatives were actually mad at me). Dr. N wanted her as old/heavy as we could get her, and you can’t have a head cold when you’re on a respirator during Sx. so it was a day to day thing. He was also watching to see how enlarged the heart was getting- it has a maximum that we were also waiting on. She wasn’t gaining weight quick enough either, especially compared to her premie brother that ended up in the 95th percentile. Her heart just burned off any calories i could get down her.
    I’d see her little lips get blue and take her to the doc and he’d say not yet, or lets wait a day, I kept asking FOR WHAT!? For her to arrest and some idiot paramedic can’t find my damn house and she dies?! horrible. After a long chat with God I gave up the worry and took the path of faith…which was really hard to do until I noticed it was interrupting our bonding time. The worry would creep in and I’d start to cry, and her little view of me was that of a crumpled red, snotty face, not one of joy and happiness ya know? Dr. N had been put in my life and was the answer to my many prayers…just hadn’t realized it. I just had to be patient. (And i put a second porch light on my house numbers.) 🙂
    Now, she’s an athlete in high school…cross country runner. She was cleared for sports in about 4th grade for b-ball and v-ball, She still has a slight murmur as some of the tissue didn’t completely cover the Dacron patch…which they anticipated. She has a long scar that runs down her sternum and is not embarrassed…it enhances her cleavage- or lack thereof.

    There are no worst case scenarios, just hurdles. He never gives you anything you can’t handle! The surgeons that do these aren’t your run of the mill lap-band guys. They’re top notch!
    wow, this was a long reply. sorry! Good luck to you and Abe!

    1. Thank you so much!!! I’ve only just begun my research into this, still in denial a little I think. Always praying for a miracle. I will have to look up Dr. N and see if he is a possibility. Your ordeal sounds terrifing, but thank you for the reminder. Hurdles, I like that a lot better then my way. It seems like a consistent struggle to keep myself in check and try to stop worrying, try to not think about it at least for a bit. Adelyn is almost the opposite of what Peri was. So active and vibrant, and yet she also just won’t gain weight. Like you said, her over worked heart just burns it right off. (My goodness can she eat though!!) The blue lips get to me everytime, but after making a few panic-filled visits the nurses finally were able to get through my ‘momma-bear blindness’ and teach me what to look for and when to worry. Thankfully it hasn’t happened in a long while. I thank God every day that she is still stable.

      Second porch light, genius. So glad to hear your daughter is active!! That is one of my worries, Ade is just so active now, it breaks my heart to think of her being limited. And of course, the scar. So happy to hear she accepts it.

      Thank you so much for your long comment. I needed to hear what you had to say and I’m so glad you shared!

    2. Oh and your Pin words are great! The silk one would be perfect on high heels!! Ah-mazing idea! To bad it is huge… I might try and make a smaller one… hmmmmmm. This could get Pinteresting… I mean interesting. 🙂

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