Weekly Top Ten

Oh yes, you read that right. I’m absolutely going to start making Top Ten lists. I’m hoping it will be a nice way to interact with all of you out there that I see coming to my blog. Yes, you, I am talking to YOU! Hi, how are you today? What have you been up to?

Wait. What? Sorry I got side tracked. Anyways, I’ll post my top ten for the week (no promises that it will always be on Sunday, I mean, Saturday at 10pm is still totally part of the week right?? Ok, I promise I won’t be that late. Geez. No faith people) and then you can post your top ten, a suggestion for a top ten that I could do, a link to your blog with a top ten post, or a general agreement in the awesomeness of my top ten. (OR NOT!)

To start us off I’m going to do an easy one: Top ten things I found on Pinterst that I am going to make and then plan to blog about. (Yes,I’m serious. Hold me accountable and I will cross these off the list as I go!)

1. Christmas Cards using Ade-tude’s hand print. Hmmm, wonder if she will cooperate? Obviously this one with have to wait until Christmas.

2. DIY I Spy books. Love this idea so much!!! I realize baby girl is too small for these, but I have a niece and nephew that I think would love these and can’t wait to make them. Then I will have practice for making AJ some.

3. Awesome room decoration idea for a kid’s play room. Seriously, this looks like so much fun! The end product is so fun looking too. So bright too! Crayons pushed through a glue gun (I will have to buy a cheap glue gun for this one because I get the vibe it will ruin the gun.)

4.  Homemade deodorant. I can’t wait to see if this works!

5. DIY Soy candles. These are meant to be wedding favors, but I see so much potential. Especially since my mother and mother-in-law both love candles! Oh, and me of course!

6. Sophisticated pumpkins. I really think this dresses up Halloween. (Ok, lame I know, sorry.)

Tacked Pumpkins

7. Heart Decorations for our bedroom, but with a twist. You cut out of the map the place where you first met, got married, and went on your honeymoon. Awesome no? Perfection!

8. Buttons and Ruffles T-shirt, yeah I know this looks really difficult. But what is a list for if I’m not going to push  myself? So, hopefully I can pull this off…

9. Mason jar pictures to decorate the kitchen.

10. A homemade sugar scrub just for me!! How delicious!


8 thoughts on “Weekly Top Ten

  1. I love favorite websites/ ideas from other bloggers! It’s a great way to get a bunch of awesome ideas rolling in my own head and visit other blogs. Thank you.

    Regarding the crayon artwork #3: I saw this recently on two other blogs and it sounded like all you have to do is mount the crayons to your material (canvas, wood, etc.) and lean it against a fence or your home- anywhere it will get plenty of sun. My only question is how to mount the crayons so they stay?

    Thank you for #1! I love great hand print ideas!

    1. Thanks!

      I saw the sun idea too and thought about doing that since it has been so hot here. I just wasn’t sure how much control I would have over the finished product? Seems like doing it the glue gun way I might have more control. IDK, looks like so much fun that I might just try both ways!! I wonder if you could use a rubber band or maybe take the paper off the outside and hot glue gun the crayons in place? Wonder if the left over glue gun gunk would look weird after the crayons metled?

      #1 is by far my favorite. Can’t wait til Christmas to see if Ade will cooperate!

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