Since adding a Twitter account and a Facebook page connected with this blog I have noticed a pattern. My Twitter following continues to grow but my Facebook page has a grand total of ZERO. I’m not completely sure why my Twitter is growing though, I’m not a real good Twitterite. Working on it people. I just signed up for Pinterest, if that tells you anything about my abilities to keep up with the times.

On a side note, O M Goodness, Pinterest is addicting. Within 15 minutes of my first pin, Buffalo Mac’n’cheese (well duh my first pin would be comfort food, do you people know me AT ALL?), I had almost 50 pins. Seriously I’m out of control. Bran is not thrilled. (DO you want to know how bad my new addiction is? I went to figure out how to invite you all so that ya’ll could follow me and I follow you in return and ended up pinning like 15 things before remembering my mission, geez!!) Anyways, ChemicallyInclined is rocking Pinterest, come join me! Or use this e-mail to locate me: (you can also use this just to chat with me about anything blog related!)

Okay, back from the bunny trail. I was wondering, is Facebook becoming obsolete? Or am I just not cool enough? Maybe both? HA! So I thought I would post a poll and see what happens. Go over to my right side bar and vote please, I’m very interested in the results!!


Tell me what you think!

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