March of Dimes

I recently decided that I really wanted to do something to help with birth defect research. I thought long and hard about doing a walk with The Children’s Heart Foundation because they support a walk specifically for Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) (here is their website, check them out and please participate if you can!). Unfortunately the closest walk was in St. Louis and happens shortly after we get back from vacation and I didn’t think it would be a good fit. Hopefully they have a walk next year closer/at a better time for us.

So, instead I decided on a March of Dimes walk. I went to their site hoping there would be one close by, since there are a few pretty big cities not to far away, shouldn’t be a problem right? Well, the closest one that would give me enough time to raise some $$ for the walk is around 130 miles away (better than the almost 500 to STL). Oh well, got to work for something you care about right? Plus, it starts at 5pm so that gives me plenty of time to drive to Oklahoma that day. Speaking of working for something, I’m also trying to raise $1200 in donations for this walk. Since the walk is in 69 days that means I need to collect around $20 per day. That seems reasonable right? Ugh, hopefully. I may have gotten myself in over my head but I really wanted to set a goal higher than what I felt I could easily reach.

I know that March of Dimes doesn’t focus solely on CHD research and awareness, but the more I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that it really would be the best option. Just because ASD is what affects my family, doesn’t mean that it is the only thing I need to support. Although a March of Dimes grantee did identified a gene that can cause atrial septal defect!

Even though CHD is the most common kind of defect, so many babies are diagnosed with other defects or born prematurely and I really like the mission of March of Dimes to strive for a future were babies are born full term and healthy.

Please help me with my walk by donating or participating in a walk of your own! I would love to have some people join AJ and I too!

More CHD resources:
Congenital Heart Information Network
Little Hearts
The Children’s Heart Foundation


3 thoughts on “March of Dimes

  1. I’m an avid March of Dimes fan and have been lucky enough to work with them on several occassions over the last few years on my blog!! They are a great organization to become involved with!

    Good luck on your walk! I did it about a month a go!!

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