The Insanity continues…

At the urging, okay mention, of my coworker to use Twitter to further the reach of my blog I set up @ChemInclined. Now, I have gone one step further and added a Facebook page. Seriously. I know this probably shouldn’t be post worthy, but it’s me. I am apparently quite behind the times. Come on, those of you that are now following me on Twitter and attest to this, I have no idea how to properly Tweet. But I’m working on it!

Good thing about my new Facebook page is that I have a personal Facebook page so I’m much more familiar with the layout. So, since I am not to proud for beggin’ please be my FB friend!! I promise we will have a lot of fun. True.Story. Now come join the party.

Oh, and I have a cool new button. This is worth mentioning because it took me FOR.EVER. to get to work properly. Tech Fail. 😦


Tell me what you think!

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