WFMW: Food Prep

works for me wednesdays

I have to warn you, either you will find this post extremely helpful (like an Ah-ha! moment) or you will glean no information from it at all. Why? Because one of three things will be true: 1- You had never thought of doing this before, 2-You already do this or something close to it, or 3- You don’t do this/have tried it before and it just doesn’t fit you.

Moving on.

Once or twice a month I prep food to make meals easier during the week. Because, let’s face it after getting off work and picking up AJ it is 5:30. I don’t have time to be messing around. So, I pick a Saturday and chop/dice/mince until my hands about fall off. Then I throw everything into the freezer in normal portion sizes and call it a day. Then it comes to Tuesday (yes I did pull some onions out of the freezer just last night, how did you guess?) and I don’t have to waste the extra time to dice the onions and can just throw them into the dish and keep steam-rolling on through making dinner. Less time making dinner = more time with Bran and AJ. Perfection. 

Things that I have found freeze well after being chopped/diced/minced include: green beans (straight from the garden is ideal), carrots, celery, cucumber, mushrooms, onions, green/red/yellow peppers (these I like to cut into strips because it is faster and if you need them diced then you can just use your hands to snap them as you add them into your dish), jalapenos and potatoes (boil these first). Make sure you seal all bags as air tight as possible, seriously. The less air the longer they keep. Also, make sure to label the bags because you will want to use your produce in 3 months (you might be able to make them last 6 months but no longer!) I have found it very helpful to use a bunch of small baggies for separating serving sizes but storing them in one gallon size freezer bag to keep them even fresher and labeling that bag X amount of diced onions.

Best of luck!


3 thoughts on “WFMW: Food Prep

  1. I do this too! Especially with onions. I’d rather cry once and have a bunch of onions cut up than have to do it twice. Do you freeze meals too? Or just the prep work? Thanks for posting.

    1. Onions and peppers are what we freeze most!! It’s just so much easier to buy in bulk and deal with them once! I freeze meals too, but not as often. It just seems harder to find the time to do whole meals as oppose to a half hour or so of chopping. Once a month or so I will put some meals in the freezer, mostly I just put them together and put them into the freezer uncooked. They taste better when you cook them fresh instead of reheating in my opinion! Thanks for commenting!


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