Crazy heat and cooling off in the pool!

Ain’t that the truth!! It’s been over 100 degrees practically every day for weeks. Yucky, sticky nastiness. More than once or even twice it has been over 110 degrees!! It seems so hard to believe considering were my family lives. What you don’t believe me?? Okay, this is the forecast for the next 10 days according to for our area, read and weep. Really, weep because I am.

Sorry, I know it is fuzzy, but unfortunately you can still see the triple digits for EVERY single day. It almost makes me want to move to a desert, at least they have a dry heat right? UGH! Plus the local average high for July is 93F. This is bonkers people.

Anyways, moving away from my tantrum about heat. We were very lucky to be invited to go to a pool party early this evening. What a wonderful break from the heat!!

Dressed for the pool!

I guess the only good thing about the excessive heat is that the water in the pool was the perfect temperature. It felt so wonderful to be outside and not sweltering. AJ thought she was a big girl and wanted to swim like all the other kids. She kept trying to crawl out of her floaty-boat. So Bran carried her around for a while and when she got to wiggly I took her to the kiddie pool.

Little brat got just what she wanted in there, the water was shallow enough that she was able to stand by herself. Yes, she must do everything by herself. Including trying to run through the kiddie pool and fall face first into the water completely submerged. CRAZY LITTLE GIRL!! Scared mommy to death. I think I might have stopped breathing and my heart stopped pumping. But she just sat in my arms looking at me. She had a look like she was trying to figure out why I was hyperventilating and squeezing her so tight at the same time.

When I finally got over my shock I realized that she never cried. Her whole body went under and she never cried! I couldn’t believe it. What a crazy brave little dare-devil girl I have. A lot like her daddy I guess!

When we left she threw a major hissy fit, which lasted all of 3 seconds once daddy started the car and we headed home. Tuckered out little girl.

Out like a light!

9 thoughts on “Crazy heat and cooling off in the pool!

    1. She is just to brave for her own good. Thank goodness wordpress has a spell check function for posts or you would see me finger-stutter a lot worse then that! It was great to see you guys too! Avery was cracking me up, such a big girl!!

  1. I don’t know where in the world you are, but it sounds a lot like Texas this year! Having moved from much cooler climes (i.e. my idea of “hot” used to be 80 degrees – lol!) it’s been quite an adjustment for me. Your little one is adorable, btw. 🙂 Oh – I found you via #FBF from Chasing Joy. 🙂 ~Tui

  2. How fun! Sorry to hear about the weather. I DO live in the desert and let me tell ya… it is sooooo not fun! We are over 100 degrees every. single. DAY for the vast majority of 5 months a year. Yes – it’s a dry heat… but heat is heat. And 120 degrees is something that you just never really get used to. It didn’t go much above 100 today and I was thinking how “nice” it was outside… UGH! Anyway… visiting from Chasing Joy’s flashback – enjoyed your post!

  3. This was a very hot summer. At least you got pictures of you little on in her cute polkadot swim suit. 🙂 I heard that babies are born knowing how to swim. Maybe she was still young enough to know what to do in water and that’s why she did not cry after being submerged.

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