Some ‘green’ detergents contain petrochemicals

I stumbled upon this article: Some ‘green’ detergents contain petrochemicals. Sound familiar?

Yep, I wrote a post about almost this exact same thing, here on July 1.

 Thank goodness I’m not the only one starting to recognize a scary pattern. Confusing or misleading labeling is leading consumers to purchase and use products under the misconception that it is better for them, their family’s, and the environment. This needs to be brought to everyone’s attention and people need to start researching the things they buy past just looking on the company’s website or trusting they are telling the WHOLE truth. 

I really get very upset when I see or hear about people using products they think are safe/non-toxic/don’t contain harsh chemicals just to find out that they are just as bad as the other supposedly chemical laden choices. I implore everyone to do your research!!


Tell me what you think!

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