Crazy Weather and God’s Protection

Apparently on Sunday our area was the hottest in the US. Seriously, I couldn’t believe it when I heard.

Texas is a disaster area because of drought.

Areas in Indiana where I went to high school are flooding. Areas along the Missouri and Mississippi rivers have had record setting floods.

Tornadoes were rampant this past spring.

All this crazy weather brings be back to the day of the Joplin Tornado. I have relatives that live in Joplin, or what is left of it. A cousin and her mother, my Uncle’s ex-wife. Their house was completely destroyed except for the one bathroom where they went to escape the storm.

My cousin took these pictures.

They were inside the only walls left standing, in the bath tub.

Behind this paneling wall.

I don’t know what you believe, but I don’t know how you could look at this and not say that God protected them. That day Bran and I were headed back home from Springfield MO were we had been visiting family. We planned to stop in Joplin for a bite to eat and a chance to get out of the car and stretch. We planned to leave Ozark, where we had been staying, and run by my Grandmother’s nursing home for a quick good-bye around noon. Instead we leave around 2:20pm. We head to her room expecting to spend some time with her because it will be a while before we are back. Meaning we would finally head out at 3:30pm and arrive in Joplin around 5:0opm for dinner. The plan was to eat at Cracker Barrel and have a nice relaxing time.

When we got there, she wasn’t there. Turns out she was at physical therapy. Reluctantly we get back on the road and head for home at about 2:30pm after waiting a while for her. On the way west we missed the exit for Joplin twice. Yes, TWICE, and that was even with both of us actively searching after we realized we had missed the first exit and with a GPS. How inconvenient we think, but decide we will just stop in Parsons KS, it’s now around 4:00pm and takes us around an hour (my husband drives fast) to get to Parsons. While there we did sit through a rather nasty hail storm but nothing like what could have happened if we had been in Joplin MO at 5:34pm. Obviously, we were not meant to be there, thankfully.

I all but weep thinking about all of the disastors, in the US and abroad, that have happened in the last few years. It’s almost like we are under constant attack. Very intense emotions to be triggered all because of a few weeks of oppressive heat. I really hope that we all can get a break.


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