WFMW: Laundry sorting

works for me wednesdays

The one thing I hate most around the house is laundry! By the time you separate out the different loads it already feels like you’ve done a days work! At least, it does for me. After having AJ I had enough, I needed a new way to prepare laundry so that I wasn’t completely worn out before I even started. Walking around Walmart I found my solution: Laundry carts.



  We bought 2 that look just like this and set them up in the corner of our room and now have 6 ‘hampers’. Wonderful! I divided the bags up as follows:

  1. Towels
  2. Jeans
  3. Light Regular wash
  4. Dark Regular wash
  5. Light Delicate wash
  6. Dark Delicate wash

Yes, they do take up more room then one or two laundry hampers but it is so worth it! I just unhook the bag of laundry and carry it into the laundry room and empty it into the washing machine. Plus, as we use the cloths we can put them straight into the correct basket (took Bran a couple tries to learn my system) and whenever I want to do a load everything is ready to go! We also have a couple of baskets in the laundry room set up for cloths that are stained. As soon as they come off I take them to the laundry room, spot treat the stain and throw it into the corresponding basket for the load it goes into. That way, when I load up the washer I know which stained pieces need to be thrown in as well!


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