The itsy bitsy spider went up…


Yes, seriously. And NO, all caps is not an over-reaction. Just wait until you hear the whole story.

For those of you that have read my crazy random post and made it all the way through (props by the way, that thing is a monster of incoherent, random ramblings) you know that I am DEATHLY afraid of spiders. To the point where I use to have full-blown panic attacks if I found one in my bubble, much less touching me. I’ve been working on this, really, and it is getting a bit better. Even to the point now where if I see one in the house (because if they are inside they are fair game, and don’t give me that crap about them eating mosquitos, so do bats) instead of screaming like a person being murdered and running a mile away I will kill it. Of course I always pick the longest possible killing apparatus I can find. What, some spiders can jump.

Anyways, I was at work running a test, pipet in hand getting ready to add sample to crucible when I saw it. I good-sized black spider crawling up my lab coat on my shoulder. Seriously, it was this close to my face (I know you can’t see my fingers, but trust me they are very close together!)

Needless to say I threw the pipet down screaming bloody murder and leaped across the lab. (Leaping, by the way, is not an accepted form of transportation around a lab. Walking, calmly with lab goggles on is preferred. Oh, and you shouldn’t throw glassware. Kind of makes the Lab Director boiling mad.)

My colleague jumps out of his skin. Later he told me that he was just sure I had stabbed myself with my pipet and was dying I screamed so loud. Once I was able to point out the spider on the ground (heck yes I brushed him violently off of me) he killed it for me! King of the Lab goes to him for the day.

Well, about a minute later the plant Superintendent comes walking in to assess the situation, because yes, he heard my scream from his office on the other side of the building. At this point I was tearing up and trying with all my might not to have a panic attack at work. The fact that he walked in I think helped my focus on gain control of myself. I wouldn’t look at him. Yeah, I know, probably not my best moment at work. Absolutely never, NEVER going to live that down.

Stupid spider. (Thankfully, it was not poisonous.)

See, after you hear the whole story the caps make sense don’t they?


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