It’s getting hot in here…

But, please, let’s leave our cloths on. Keepin’ it PG around these parts.

But seriously, the temperature is just going up and up. Along with my electric bill. This is the letter I sent to my A/C earlier this month:

Dear Air Conditioner,
Because of budget cuts, we are no longer allowing you to work overtime. Please be advised that you must still do your job efficiently, but we will not be paying out for overtime hours. Please manage your time wisely, cooling the house without expending undue amounts of energy. I will expect a change by the time I receive our next electricity bill.

Sincerely, Your owner

Apparently, the A/C didn’t get the message. It’s been running none stop. How do people live like this all the time? Today, it got upwards of 107 degrees. At one point the Fusion said 111 degrees.

Lord help me, this just isn’t what I’m used to!


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