100 things about me… AKA a crazy random post!

  1. I lived in 5 different states before I graduated high school.
  2. I worked 2 summers in the watermelon fields in Southwest Indiana and one summer in the corn fields for Pioneer.
  3. My Favorite movie is Gone With the Wind.
  4. I also love the book.
  5. I think it is appalling someone wrote a sequel so I never read it.
  6. I believe in only one correct way to load a dishwasher.
  7. My husband never loads it correctly, EVER.
  8. I’m a PK, also known as a Pastor’s Kid.
  9. A big pet peeve of mine:  Women who squat at public bathrooms to avoid the toilet seat. Then they leave pee on the toilet seat. Just put toilet paper down ladies!
  10. Sometimes I talk about things that most people don’t think are appropriate (TMI), ie #9.
  11. Growing up I always wanted a tan short hair mini-dachshund.
  12. My half and half short hair/long hair black and tan’s name is Parker. He needed a home, so I changed my dream to accommodate him. He is my first baby 🙂
  13. My favorite flower is the Tiger Lily.
  14. To Bran’s dismay, these are practically never available in the flower shop. Especially in the Midwest.
  15. I do not use my phone to access the internet. I am technologically slow and I don’t care.
  16. I did just recently start using text messages to update facebook. But I draw the line there.
  17. Bran use to call me his Ladybug. Now AJ is his bug, so I don’t really have a nickname anymore.
  18. Bran and I go back and forth between wanting more children and not.
  19. Mostly it is just him on the not side. Occasionally I join in.
  20. I think 3 kids would be perfect. Bran thinks 2, maybe.
  21. I really enjoy reading books my Douglas Preston AND Lincoln Child.
  22. When they write on their own I think the books are just mediocre.
  23. The Pendergast series is enthralling. If you like murder mystery/horror/scientific type books.
  24. I hate horror movies, but love the Preston/Child horror books.
  25. #24 was not an originally planned fact, it just suddenly came to me.
  26. I own every season of Friends.
  27. I didn’t buy them as a box set. Instead I got them individually when they were on sale or as gifts.
  28. You better believe I can relate anything to Friends.
  29. Because I got them separate, one of the cases is different then the others.
  30. That drives me INSANE!
  31. But I couldn’t pass up $7 for Season 4.
  32. Because I’m kind of cheap.
  33. As #29 eludes to, I am also slightly OCD.
  34. My mom calls me CDO because of my obsession of having everything in alphabetical and color order.
  35. Yes, there is a correct color order. ROYGBIV, like a rainbow.
  36. I don’t like pepperoni pizza.
  37. I’d rather have extra cheese and mushrooms and dip the piece in ranch dressing.
  38. I have a very good memory.
  39. Or at least did, until I had AJ. What is that called?
  40. Oh, yeah. Mommy Brain.
  41. My first boyfriend’s name was Tommy.
  42. I was in the first grade. 🙂
  43. I spent 3 years tutoring advanced level math.
  44. This means I can integrate in my sleep, but need a calculator for basic math.
  45. But seriously,when am I ever not going to have a calculator or be able to use my fingers? Take that fourth grade teacher.
  46. I love to sing and dance.
  47. I’m not good at either one.
  48. I’m a terrible speller.
  49. But I hate obvious grammatical errors. (Yes, even the ones I do.)
  50. FYI, It’s “I couldn’t care less”, not “I could care less”
  51. If I could afford it, I would spend more of the year travelling the world than I would at home.
  52. I am prepared to accept sponsorship to be a world traveller.
  53. I have a problem with procrastinating.
  54. I have a hard time comprehending the fact that some people don’t read for pleasure. Like my husband.
  55. I prefer sweet snacks to salty, dark chocolate to milk, and hot weather to cold
  56. It’s difficult to make me truly angry, but someone who succeeds would be surprised by how long I can hold a grudge.
  57. It is, however, tremendously easy to annoy me. Some people do it by merely existing.
  58. Yes, I know. That is horrible, and I am working on it.
  59. I like Starbucks coffee and I refuse to feel badly about it.
  60. People misspell my first and last name ALL THE TIME!
  61. If you ask my name, I will automatically spell it for you. It expedites the process.
  62. When it comes to books, buildings and cities, I prefer things that have some history to them.
  63. I prefer to be barefoot.
  64. I have a younger brother, 10 years younger to be exact.
  65. I readily admit to being a geek. Also a dork, and possibly a nerd.
  66. Someday I mean to have a deep, claw-foot slipper tub. Then I shall fill it will bubbles and possibly never leave.
  67. I prefer to be continually challenged.
  68. I long for the day when a t-shirt and a favorite pair of jeans paired with a ponytail are the height of fashion.
  69. I have perfectly straight hair, naturally, yet my hair is never perfect.
  70. Occasionally I try to be fashionable, but it just doesn’t come naturally.
  71. I like solving puzzles – particularly word puzzles.
  72. I am more of a “one-of-the-guys” gal than a “girly-girl.”
  73. For not being a “girly-girl” I own a large amount of shoes.
  74. My daughter also has numerous pairs of shoes.
  75. I pass my obsession with shoes on to soon-to-be mothers by always including a pair of baby shoes in every shower gift.
  76. A TV is not allowed in my bedroom. Bran was not thrilled about this.
  77. We bought a house 2 months before we got married.
  78. We were that confident in our future together.
  79. Three months after getting married, we found out I was 5 weeks pregnant.
  80. I entered college as a Pre-Med student.
  81. I was also excepted into Nursing School (3rd in line after a horrible interview) but decided not to go.
  82. AJ was born in May, and for an unplanned pregnancy, it was perfect. Totally going to try to have all May babies.
  83. I was the 2006 TIMES Person of the Year.
  84. Yeah, I know, so were you.
  85. Bran and I were born 6 days apart.
  86. I was born on Labor Day, which my mom has never let me forget.
  87. As a sub at my high school my dad was more popular than me.
  88. In spite of this, I did survive high school.
  89. I enjoy knitting and crocheting.
  90. However, I rarely finish a project.
  91. I’m the family storyteller. Anytime anything happens, everyone always wants me to tell the story.
  92. I make awesome brownies, just ask Bran.
  93. LOVE mustard. So-so on ketchup.
  94. I make a list for everything. Surprise, surprise right?
  95. I have never broken a bone or been in the hospital.
  96. I have had a crazy fear of spiders ever since finding out that my employer at the time (town library) was infested with Brown Recluse spiders.
  97. Seriously, I have nightmares. It was a horrible phobia inducing incident.
  98. My first car was a ’87 Chevy Cavalier. It was yellow inside and out. No really, it’s worse than you’re imagining.
  99. One time Bran and I snuck a frozen cheesecake into a movie theatre. I highly recommend it. Bring forks though, it will make it easier.
  100. Glee is my newest guilty pleasure. It should be yours too.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little more. I encourage you to make your own and link to it in the comments, I love reading random lists!


13 thoughts on “100 things about me… AKA a crazy random post!

  1. I say a big fat AMEN to 15 and 16. Probably because I get no cell service out here, plus, I flat out refuse to carry one more thing around my house while also juggling a baby, a house phone, a sock, a shoe, a can of baked beans and an airplane…all while looking for that binky I had a second ago. 9 & 99 made me LOL! Here are my two Holy Random posts:

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  3. it amazes me at how one can not know a person but at the same time like/love some of the same things. I had to giggle at many of your listings because I said ” Yessss I do tooo” numbers 37, 51, 56, 57, 58, and tons more. Its awesome to peek into your world.

    Ms. Positivity

    1. YES!!! Another awesome person who understands the best way to eat a pizza! I’m still looking for the perfect job that will allow me to do traveling, even if it is just within the USA and only for a few weeks a year. As it is now I really don’t have the chance to take large chunks of vacation 😦 Oh well, someday hopefully!!

      Thanks for coming by!

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